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Fresh Evidence Against Biden Just Exploded – A Truckload Of Surprise Allegations Leak Out

Fresh Evidence Against Biden Just Exploded – A Truckload Of Surprise Allegations Leak Out

What’s Happening:

Honestly, if only a fraction of what Biden’s been accused of was from a Republican, the left would be having a field day.

Democrats impeached Trump over a phone call. They indicted him because of paperwork. Yet with each passing day, we are learning that Biden is so corrupt, he makes Hillary Clinton look like a schoolgirl.

Republicans recently discovered an FBI document that lists numerous allegations against Joe Biden, but despite having this information the highest law enforcement agency in the land has refused to investigate or prosecute Biden.

However, Republicans are taking these revelations to Americans — and lots of eyes are being opened.

From Breitbart:

The FBI form documenting the agency’s conversations with an informant contains damning allegations for President Joe Biden…

…a top Burisma official named Vadim Pojarskii said Burisma had hired Hunter Biden to “protect us, through his dad, from all kinds of problems.”…

Zlochevsky told the CHS, “it took 5 (million) to pay one Biden, and 5 (million) to another Biden.” […]

Zlochevsky said he was not happy about Trump’s win, and said that he did not want to pay the Bidens but he was “pushed to pay” them.

This is all very overwhelming.

The FBI document that detailed Biden’s corruption reveals Joe and Hunter were engaged in an ongoing bribery arrangement with figures in Ukraine. They had gotten Biden to pledge support for them while he was vice president.

According to the informant, a corrupt and powerful figure in Ukraine paid Biden to “protect us… from all kinds of problems.” After Trump was elected, the Ukrainian no longer wanted to pay Biden, since he was no longer in a position of power.

But he was being “pushed to pay” them.

This document not only reveals just how deep this corruption went, but how the FBI did nothing about it. These are some of the worst corruption allegations we’ve ever seen. We never even saw this money dirt on Crooked Hillary.

But the FBI knew about this for years… but did nothing.

We all want Joe and Hunter Biden to face the music for what they did (and are probably still doing). But what about those FBI and DOJ officials who protected them from the truth? We can’t say whether or not any of them will face justice for this.

But if Americans have any sense, they will make sure Biden suffers dearly at the polls.

Key Takeaways:

  • Republicans released the FBI document alleging Biden’s bribery scheme.
  • An FBI informant revealed Ukraine was bribery Biden for protection for years.
  • The Ukrainian businessman paid Joe and Hunter millions in a bribery racket.
  • Despite having this damning testimony, the FBI has done nothing about it.

Source: Breitbart



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