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Fox News Turns Primetime Schedule Upside Down

It has become quite clear just who sucked up to the Murdochs, Sean Hannity himself. Fox News is reportedly shaking up its primetime lineup with three of the networks biggest hosts taking the lead. According to a report from the Drudge Report Wednesday morning, Sean Hannity is set to occupy the 8 p.m. time slot, while Greg Gutfeld and Jesse Watters will each get their own primetime shows.

The potential move comes after Fox News took its toprated host Tucker Carlson off the air late last month in a move that sent shockwaves throughout the media landscape.

In response to the report, a Fox News spokesperson said that the network had not yet made any final decisions.No decision has been made on a new primetime lineup and there are multiple scenarios under consideration, the statement said.

Hannity has been a mainstay on Fox News since his show first aired in 2009. Hes consistently held the number one spot in cable news ratings since then, and is widely considered to be the networks most popular host.

Gutfeld is currently a cohost on the networks highlyrated showThe Five at 5 p.m. in addition to his own latenight comedy show on the network at 11 p.m.,Gutfeld! Watters is also currently a cohost onThe Five.

The potential primetime shakeup could be seen as a major shift for Fox News, which has long been considered a conservativeleaning network. But the lineup could also signal a move towards a more diverse perspective, with both Gutfeld and Watters bringing a more lighthearted approach to the traditionally hard news network.

Fox News has not yet made any official announcements regarding its primetime lineup, but its possible that we could see a major shakeup in the near future. Until then, fans of the network will have to wait and see what changes, if any, will be made to the primetime lineup.

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