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Fox News In Big Trouble, The Ratings Are In

On Wednesday, Tucker Carlson‘s selfmade video received more views in an hour than Fox News 8pm replacement Brian Kilmeade received in a full day signaling a huge shift in viewership for the network.

In the clip posted on Twitter shortly after 8pm Eastern Time the former Fox News host spoke blisteringly of those trying tosilence truthtellers.

The video was seen by 15 million people by the next morning a staggering figure given that Kilmeade‘s show only had 1.7 million viewers the night before.

Fox News had been experiencing primetime viewership of around 3.3 million viewers per night with Tucker at the helm and now statisticians are seeing a huge drop of 1.6 million since he was ousted.

The move to get rid of Tucker reportedly wiped 500 million off the value of the parent company, News Corporation, and pushed the share price down 5.4%.

It has been revealed that the move to fire Carlson was made after senior executives saw the messages he had been sending about them behind their backs messages which were even more critical than those which had been made public in the leadup to the court case with Dominion Voting Systems.

The messages, seen for the first time by the board and senior executives, led to a breaking point between the network‘s No. 1 rated host and the Murdoch family who did not want the messages to be released at trial.

Some on the board suggested using an outside law firm to investigate Carlson.

Despite the shift in viewership, Fox News is still the highestrated cable news network at 8pm and was the mostwatched network in cable news during primetime and total day in viewers.

The ousting of Tucker Carlson has sent shockwaves through the conservative media world with many Republicans taking to social media to express their anger at his exit.

The general consensus among Republicans is that the move was a mistake, and that the Murdochs have made a grave error in attempting to silence one of the most influential voices in conservative media.

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