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Former Mar-a-Lago Employee FLIPS on Trump

It seems like the walls of Mar-a-Lago are crumbling around former President Trump, as one of his trusted employees has flipped and is now testifying against him in a criminal prosecution. This shocking turn of events has sent shockwaves through the political landscape, further tarnishing Trump’s already controversial legacy.

At the heart of this story is an employee at Mar-a-Lago, identified in court documents as “Trump Employee 4.” Initially, this individual had provided grand jury testimony that seemed to protect Trump’s interests. However, everything changed after a meeting with a lawyer from the federal defender’s office in Washington, D.C. Suddenly, Trump Employee 4 decided to sever ties with a lawyer recommended by Trump’s camp and funded by his political action committee (PAC). This unexpected switch set the stage for a dramatic turn of events.

During the course of investigations, it was discovered that Trump Employee 4 had attempted to enlist the director of information technology at Mar-a-Lago to delete security footage. This desperate maneuver came in response to a subpoena issued by the grand jury in Washington, D.C. The government’s court filing reveals that Trump Employee 4’s actions were aimed at obstructing the investigation into Trump’s handling of classified records. However, this devious plan was ultimately exposed.

The U.S. government soon realized that there was a potential conflict of interest with Trump Employee 4’s lawyer, Stanley Woodward. Woodward was representing both Trump Employee 4 and another Trump aide, Walt Nauta, who was also implicated in the grand jury investigation. The government reached out to Woodward, highlighting the conflict and its implications. However, Woodward claimed that there was no conflict of interest, leaving the situation unresolved.

As the investigation progressed, it became evident that Trump Employee 4 and another individual, Carlos De Oliveira, had provided false testimony to the grand jury in Washington, D.C. Both individuals denied any contact or conversation regarding the security footage. The government’s evidence contradicted these claims, setting the stage for further legal action against Trump Employee 4.

In a significant development, prosecutors sent a target letter to Trump Employee 4, informing him that he was the target of a grand jury investigation into potential perjury charges. This letter highlighted the consequences of his false testimony and the potential legal jeopardy he faced. The revelation in the target letter created a conflict of interest for Woodward, as any advice he provided to Trump Employee 4 could incriminate Nauta. The situation was further complicated by the fact that Woodward was being paid for by Trump’s PAC and was recommended by Trump’s lawyer.

To address the conflict of interest, Chief Judge Boasberg offered independent counsel from the First Assistant in the Federal Public Defender’s Office for the District of Columbia. This move aimed to provide Trump Employee 4 with unbiased advice regarding the potential conflicts arising from his legal representation. On July 5, 2023, Trump Employee 4 informed Chief Judge Boasberg that he no longer wanted Woodward as his lawyer. Instead, he chose to be represented by the First Assistant Federal Defender.

Almost immediately after obtaining new counsel, Trump Employee 4 retracted his prior false testimony and provided crucial information that implicated Nauta, De Oliveira, and Trump himself in efforts to delete security camera footage. This revelation aligned with the superseding indictment, outlining the alleged conspiracy to obstruct justice. The implications for Trump are significant, as this testimony further paints a damning picture of his involvement in the cover-up.


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