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Flight Attendant Clashes with Famous Gospel Singer on Delta- Watch!

In a recent Delta flight, Grammy-nominated gospel singer Bobbi Storm faced potential removal from the plane after her impromptu performance caused a disturbance. Storm, a member of the gospel group Maverick City Music, announced her two Grammy nominations to fellow passengers and proceeded to sing in the plane’s center aisle.

The video, which Storm later posted on social media, captures a tense exchange between the singer and a flight attendant. The crew member repeatedly instructed Storm to be quiet, citing the discomfort of other passengers. Despite the requests, Storm insisted that she was following the Lord’s guidance and that fellow passengers were enjoying her performance.

Social media responses to the incident were mixed. While some supported Storm’s right to share her joy, others criticized her behavior as egotistical and attention-seeking. One Instagram comment labeled her actions as “entitled,” emphasizing that being Grammy-nominated did not exempt her from adhering to the rules of the flight.

Several respondents accused Storm of engaging in performative Christianity and attention-seeking behavior. One commenter expressed hope that Storm would end up on the no-fly list, condemning what they perceived as rudeness and entitlement.

In a follow-up video, Storm claimed that Delta’s executive offices had reached out to apologize, asserting that no rules were broken during the incident. She clarified that she did not wish for the crew member to be fired but hoped he would learn a valuable lesson in treating others with respect.

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