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Dumbest Bank Robber of the Year Award Goes to This Guy

I sometimes mention the dumbing down of America and how we’re becoming more like the people in the movie Idiocracy. It may seem like a joke, but it really isn’t. I really do believe that people are getting dumber in our country in general.

I attribute most of it to our public education system, but some of it comes from social media as well.

People have literally forgotten how to think properly and how to use logic in everyday situations. This is especially true of criminals which is why they keep getting caught. But I guess if they knew how to think properly they wouldn’t be criminals in the first place. They would be doing something productive and something that helps society rather than taking from it.

But just to show you just how bad it’s gotten, let me tell you about a bank robber who recently landed himself in jail.

This guy stole money from a bank, then turned around and immediately put it into his own bank account. He demanded $150 from the bank teller, then walked outside the building to the ATM and deposited it into his account.

According to investigators, the suspect walked into the packed bank wearing camouflage gear with the hood up — but no mask — and sporting a noticeable black eye; he approached the 25-year-old clerk and handed her a note which read: “This is a robbery. I need $150.”

As the clerk obeyed and counted out the exact amount, he told her “I’m sorry”, before walking out with his three-figure haul. She then pressed the emergency distress button.

When police arrived, they didn’t have far to look for a suspect matching the description: he was sitting on an exterior staircase not 100 yards from the scene of the heist.

Police still had some detective work to do however; after searching him they found the money had mysteriously disappeared. What they did find on his person however was a Wells Fargo bank card.

Now the guy is facing some serious jail time as he’s charged with a 2nd-degree felony robbery.

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