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Disturbing Details Emerge in Fatal CA Protest Clash

A Jewish man named Paul Kessler died following a clash between pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian protesters in California. Witnesses claim Kessler was stalked and attacked by an individual who struck him with a megaphone, leading to a fatal fall. The alleged attacker had reportedly harassed another protester moments before the confrontation with Kessler. The incident occurred during a demonstration, where Kessler was holding an Israeli flag.

Jonathan Oswaks, who witnessed the events, stated that the assailant approached him first, putting a megaphone against his ear. When Oswaks objected, the attacker moved on to Kessler, resulting in a punch that caused Kessler to fall backward and sustain serious head injuries. Kessler was transported to the hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

Oswaks and Kessler had recently met and counter-protested together. They had previously experienced aggression during a pro-Palestinian demonstration, where an individual allegedly flashed a gun at them. Undeterred, they organized a counter-protest on the day of the incident.

Before the clash, Oswaks received a call warning him that he was being watched on social media. When they arrived at the protest, three men were reportedly filming them. Oswaks recognized one of them as the alleged attacker and another as an extreme agitator.

During the demonstration, the assailant approached Oswaks again with a megaphone, leading to an altercation. Moments later, the same individual crossed the street and became involved in the incident with Kessler.

Oswaks criticized the authorities’ response, questioning why the police did not collect the megaphone or the Israeli flag from the scene. Ventura County Sheriff Jim Fryhoff did not confirm whether a megaphone was taken or if it played a role in Kessler’s injuries.

While a 50-year-old man was briefly detained during a search warrant execution, no arrests or charges have been made in connection with Kessler’s death. The medical examiner noted injuries consistent with falling backward but also indicated facial injuries consistent with a blow.

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