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Denver Area ‘Shooting Spree’ Leads To Multiple Dead, More Injured

In the wake of a shooting spree that ravaged the Denver area this past Monday night, there are five people dead, including the shooter, and many others injured.

There were two women and a man injured at the first stop of the spree, as reported by local police. Another man was killed in a shootout soon after at 12 Avenue and Williams Street. The shooter then killed two others at yet another location located out in the suburb of Lakewood.

The gunman then rushed into one building in the Belmar Shopping Center in Lakewood and shot a worker of the store there. Officers returned fire on the shooter, hitting them and putting an end to the killing spree.

Counter among the injured was one police officer who is reportedly in the hospital.

“The officer is alive and in surgery,” reported Jessica Porter with Denver 7.

Police then confirmed that the multiple shooting incidents were carried out by the same person. As of yet, there has not been a motive identified for the incident.

“We seen [sic] the lady officer just yelled: ‘put your gun down. Put your gun away!’ And we just seen the suspect pull his gun out and, literally, shoot her, in front of us and she was on the floor, she was on the ground,” stated one witness to FOX31. “He turned and he kept shooting, almost shooting toward us, but my friend, backed up, just in time or we would have been shot, as well.”

Another witness to the incident that was driving near the Belmar area stated that he saw a female officer hot in pursuit of the suspect.

“We seen [sic] the guy: he was a tall man, blond hair, with a trench coat. She yelled at him to ‘put his gun down!’ She yelled, ‘put your gun down’ and he turned around and, like, pulled up the gun and shot her right in front of us, multiple times,” stated another witness, as reported by the outlet.

There were numerous bystanders still inside the store in Belmar as police raided in after the suspect in the wake of returning fire.

“Numerous businesses have customers and employees still inside. SWAT teams are clearing a very large area inch by inch. Stay inside and stay safe until area cleared by law enforcement,” stated a post from a Colorado State Police.

Another witness stated to Denver’s CBS4, “We were just in there, my husband and I. You could hear the popping outside. It was like one shot and then maybe five or six more and a couple more after that. Xfinity did an awesome job. They swooped us right inside. Got us in the back room and got the gates down. Fortunately, we didn’t see too much.”

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