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Dems Suffer 1 Stunning Loss In Debt Ceiling Deal – McCarthy Just Cut Out Their Holy Grail

Dems Suffer 1 Stunning Loss In Debt Ceiling Deal – McCarthy Just Cut Out Their Holy Grail

What’s Happening:

With literally seconds left on the clock, it looks as if House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has secured a deal to raise the debt ceiling. Joe Biden demanded Congress to give him a bill with zero cuts. Republicans refused, pushing back on Joe’s reckless spending agenda.

Guess who won the day?

Kevin McCarthy was able to craft a compromised bill that will raise the debt ceiling but provide limits to Biden’s runaway socialist agenda. The language of the bill promises cuts to Biden’s spending plans. But perhaps the biggest victory will have Democrats beside themselves with rage.

From Forbes:

Speaker McCarthy announced success here, including stopping new tax proposals, slashing spending, and cutting some of the massive $80 billion that the Inflation Reduction Act had promised in new funding to the IRS. There are even new work requirements being added for welfare recipients, as Speaker McCarthy explained in a news conference.

McCarthy’s new bill takes $21 billion from the IRS and will prevent the agency from hiring Biden’s 87,000 new hatchet men. This is a huge blow to the Democrats’ plans to nickel and dime every last American.

But time is running out and it doesn’t seem as if Democrats have much of a choice. Now, they are calling on their own party to vote yes on this bill.

From Breitbart:

Some Democrat leaders have acknowledged some of the losses in the debt ceiling negotiations and have urged their fellow members to vote “yes” anyway.

Lol, Democrats are complaining about the many cuts in this spending bill. But if they vote “No,” they will be dooming the United States to a major economic recession. McCarthy and Biden staffers worked out this deal.

That means, Joe Biden will sign it, when it reaches his desk. The only thing stopping this deal from going through would be Democrats throwing a hissy fit. How is that going to look to the American public, with just a year before the next election?

McCarthy wasn’t able to get every demand made by Republicans. But the changes he did get, including work requirements for welfare, are major victories for the country. Joe Biden lost. He didn’t get his “clean” debt ceiling bill.

And Americans might be saved from death by taxation.

Key Takeaways:

  • McCarthy scored a debt ceiling bill that includes a $21 billion cut for the IRS.
  • Democrats are forcing their party to vote for the bill, to avoid a default.
  • Republicans scored major victories in this bill, including cuts to welfare spending.

Source: Forbes, Breitbart



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