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Democrats Squirm as Pelosi’s 2019 Impeachment Tactics Now Used Against Biden

The tables have turned and the Democrats are feeling the heat! House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has officially announced an intention to investigate President Joe Biden, and the Democrats are squirming. It seems that former Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to bypass a House impeachment vote in 2019 for President Trump is now coming back to haunt her and her party.

In 2019, Pelosi, backed by Adam Schiff, unilaterally declared an impeachment inquiry without holding an authorizing vote. This move was criticized by many but dismissed by Pelosi as unnecessary. Now, with the shoe on the other foot, McCarthy is following suit, launching an impeachment inquiry into President Biden’s involvement in his son’s business dealings without a formal House vote.

The Democrats are crying foul, but the precedent was set by none other than Pelosi herself. As Byron York, Chief Political Correspondent of the Washington Examiner, pointed out, “There is nothing unfair about McCarthy simply following suit.”

The inquiry into Joe Biden’s involvement in his son Hunter’s business dealings is not without merit. Evidence of pay-to-play action between the Bidens is plentiful, despite attempts by Democrats to downplay it. The American people have been betrayed by these two, who traded the country’s interests for their own financial gain.

Nancy Pelosi likely never anticipated this turn of events. But the reckless actions of the Bidens have now compromised the Democratic re-election campaign. The Democrats are panicking at the thought of losing the White House to the Republicans once again, which would roll back their destructive policies.

Pelosi’s strategic move in 2019 to build support among her own members and pick up a few Republicans for a bipartisan impeachment inquiry against Trump failed. Now, McCarthy is on a “path to truth” just as Pelosi claimed to be in 2019.

The drama continues with the script flipped, and the Democrats are no longer in control of the ending. They brought this upon themselves with their reckless disregard for protocol and fairness. Now, they are facing the consequences of their actions.

As the impeachment inquiry into President Biden progresses, one thing is clear: all is fair in politics and impeachment. The Democrats are learning this the hard way as they face the backlash of their own tactics being used against them. It’s a lesson in karma that they won’t soon forget.

This sensational turn of events serves as a stark reminder of the importance of playing by the rules even when in power. For now, the fate of Joe Biden hangs in the balance, and the Democrats are left to rue the day they decided to play fast and loose with impeachment proceedings.

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