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Decepticon Democrats Trying to Help Liz Cheney Win Primary

This is another dangerous game that Democrats are playing. From my perspective, this is a clear reason as to why Democrats should not be allowed to vote in Republican primaries and why Republicans should not be able to vote in Democrat primaries.

Democrats in Wyoming are seriously asking their fellow liberal scum to temporarily switch parties so that they can vote in the Republican primary to try and ensure Liz Cheney wins next week.

As it stand, things are looking terrible for Cheney. At the moment, Liz Cheney is losing to her opponent Harriet Hageman in the polls by approximately 26 points. That’s a massive lead. Anyone with that sort of lead going into an election in one week is basically a guaranteed winner. There is no way that someone should legitimately lose that much of a lead in such a short period of time.

Back in June Hageman’s lead was around 28 points, so she’s only lost 2 points in 2 months. Another poll from this week puts Hageman up by 22 points. Still, that’s more than enough.

Reps. Tom Malinowski (D-NJ) and Dean Phillips (D-MN) both appeared in online ads this week expressing their support for Cheney’s re-election efforts.

“Liz Cheney and I don’t agree on everything,” Malinowski said in a Facebook ad. “But we’re on the same side today, fighting for a country where we settle our differences by voting, not violence.”

“Wyoming Democrats can put country over party too by registering to vote for her in the Republican primary,” he added.

The description of the ad noted, “Democratic Congressman Dean Phillips is sending a clear message to Trump by joining forces with Congresswoman Liz Cheney to end Trumpism.”

Phillips offered a similar request for Wyoming’s Democrat voters this week.

“You might be a little surprised that I’d be supporting Liz Cheney in her bid to continue representing Wyoming in the U.S. House, but principle must always come before politics, and nobody has shown more honor, integrity, and courage than she,” Phillips said in an ad.

“So I ask you to please consider temporarily switching parties and voting for Liz Cheney on or by August 16th,” Phillips asked Wyoming Democrats.

This is just despicable. Another one of those “the ends justify the means” deals for the Democrats. Yeah, they’re doing something corrupt, but it’s to make sure that they keep Trump out of the White House.

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