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Days After California Demands Reparations – Governor Newsom Announces a Staggering Shortfall

Days After California Demands Reparations – Governor Newsom Announces a Staggering Shortfall

What’s Happening:

A few months ago, the Governor of California formed a reparations task force. This group was supposed to do research to find out if black residents deserved reparations for slavery (even though California was never a slave state). Big surprise, the group came back saying they couldn’t calculate the full sum owed black residents–but $1.2 million per person was a good start.

Not even leftist Gov. Newsom was willing to buy that.

We don’t know if California will pay out reparations of such staggering sums. But we do know that the state is facing a crippling budget deficit. All that COVID money is gone and California can’t even pay to keep the lights on. But guess what? Newsom is about to reveal… things are much worse.

From Fox News:

Gov. Gavin Newsom will likely announce that California, one of the few states to have a shortfall this year, may see an extra $5 billion in losses after reporting a budget deficit of $22.5 billion…

To cut spending, Newsom proposed delaying funding for a subsidized child care program which has angered California’s Democratic lawmakers.

Yikes. Not only does California not have the money for reparations, but it has $5 billion less than what it already didn’t have!

Newsom is about to give the bad news to all his money-hungry Democrats. The state’s liberal supermajority has overspent its budget. Already, we know they were in the red by $22.5 billion. It could be as much as $30 billion (or higher), because of Biden’s declining economy.

California is facing a critical budget deficit, partly thanks to a drop in tax revenue from its richest citizens. The state has been able to bankroll radical socialist policies because for years they had rich people to milk.

But as homelessness, illegal immigration, crime, and rampant drug abuse flooded CA cities, the rich people said, “See ya!” California has lost hundreds of thousands of wealthy residents in recent years. With them goes their businesses and tax revenue.

What else should they have expected? Gavin and his Democrats spurned Americans to pamper criminals, migrants, and drug addicts. They punished hard-working Americans, shut down businesses, and raised taxes sky-high.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the deficit is even higher than $30 billion.

Key Takeaways:

  • Newsom of California is set to reveal the state’s deficit is higher than realized.
  • The state could be in the red by nearly $30 billion, as residents flee.
  • This comes as radical leftists are demanding millions in reparations to black residents.

Source: Fox News



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