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Darth Vader Teddy Bear Reveals Deadly Secret at Philadelphia Airport

The force was not strong enough for a woman who tried sneaking two knives through airport security this past week, even though they were hidden in an inconspicuous location.

The woman had two knives that were hidden inside of her 9-year-old son’s Darth Vader teddy bear.

TSA officers detected the two knives when the bear was put through an X-ray machine.

“Lions and tigers and bears–oh my,” Farbstein wrote. “Oh no, no, no! TSA officers at Philadelphia International Airport detected two knives concealed inside a child’s stuffed animal yesterday. TSA officers noticed the back of the bear appeared to have been resewn. Toy belonged to a 9-year-old boy traveling with his mom.”

So, as you can see in the photo of the bear, the knives are actually butter knives. Butter knives are not typically considered a deadly weapon.

Why it is that she was trying to smuggle in a couple of butter knives isn’t really clear. I can’t think of a good reason personally other than they either hold some sort of sentimental value and therefore places them inside of the bear, the mom needed them to prepare some food, or she wanted to see what she could get away with. Regardless, given the culture that we live in today, that’s not going to fly…literally.

However, there is something else here that should be noted. If you actually look the TSA website and look at what is allowed, it looks like these are perfectly fine.

It is possible that the woman could face a fine or even federal charges for the matter, at least that’s what’s being reported as of now. Like I said, it looks like butter knives are to be allowed, but the real puzzling factor in this is why they were inside of the teddy bear which was sewn up in the back after these were inserted.

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