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Crypto Pioneer Mysteriously Drowns After Predicting His Own Death

There have been a number of strange incidents in recent years involving people who live creepy lifestyles. Pedophilia is a bizarre psychiatric disorder. To most people, it’s disgusting.

Pedophiles are adults who have a weird sexual attraction to prepubescent children. Yes, these people truly are the scourge of the earth. But there have been a number of incidents that expose the elite crust of these divergent predators.

A single criminal investigation exposed the perverted ties of many world elites. Jeffrey Epstein was a millionaire socialite who helped orchestrate the strange and satanic pedophilic lifestyles of many prominent world figures.

When Epstein was arrested and charged with trafficking minors for sex, some felt the curtain would be yanked down. Epstein could name names and bring down this circle of global pedophiles.

How odd was it when Epstein was found swinging from a bedsheet in his jail cell? Epstein’s suicide was rather convenient for a lot of very rich and powerful people. There have been dozens of incidents where Joe Biden has behaved in an otherwise creepy manner as well.

For some reason, Biden likes to sniff little girls’ hair. He has been video recorded petting and coddling up to young children. By all indications, Joe Biden is part of this global gaggle of creeps. These elites are heavily insulated from exposure. They’re the ruling class.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that when an individual may have “the beans” on one of these creeps, they suddenly meet with a curiously bizarre end. One story ties together with the massive donations that are handed over to liberal U.S. political candidates.

Crypto magnets pumped millions of dollars into the Democratic Party’s coffers ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. Odd big tech leaders donate to these same weird causes. There is a curious connection between the two. Nicolai Mushegian was a 29-year-old crypto pioneer.

He was an entrenched member of this elite society. In late October, Mushegian tried to warn people that he was going to be targeted by the “CIA and Mossad pedo elite.” What happened a few days later was certainly bizarre. Mushegian was found dead.

Authorities found his body floating off the shores of a Puerto Rico beach. How perfectly convenient that this area is well known for dangerously strong ocean currents! It’s a place where there have been several fatalities. Who would question another drowning?

Under the circumstances, who would question a drowning in this potentially dangerous place? Probably no one, unless the person who died recently said he was going to be targeted. Sometimes, if it looks like a rat, behaves like a rat, and smells like a rat, it’s a rat.

We smell a rat, a very big, disgusting rat. Back in August, someone tried to drill Mushegian’s electric locks. At the time, he laughed it off as a feeble attempt by “the cheapest goons’ money can buy.” It appears that someone may have hired some slightly more competent goons.

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