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Crazy Mask Karen Goes Ballistic on a Delta Flight, Attacking a Man for Eating

At some point late in 2019, a novel coronavirus leaked from of a virology lab in Wuhan, China. Since then, COVID-19 has wreaked havoc across the world. Millions have died. However, there has also been a huge rise in social conflict and personal disputes triggered by a virus.

One of the most combative debates has been about wearing masks. Many experts believe that masks provide minimal protection at best. Others seemingly insist on wearing a mask even if they’re isolated, miles away from every living, breathing human.

Of all the supposed measures to prevent COVID-19 spread, from lockdowns through social distancing, masks are as contentious as any. As an example, one deranged self-appointed member of the COVID mask police went ballistic on a Delta flight from Tampa to Atlanta.

This woman clearly proves the level of insanity that many radical “mask Nazis” have reached. It’s probably not ironic that most of these “mask freaks” commonly associate with the liberal woke culture. You don’t comply and conform by wearing your mask, you get canceled.

Nevertheless, this woman went far beyond an evil “mask shaming stare”. During the flight, the “mask Karen” succumbed to mask insanity by assaulting an older passenger for having his mask off. The unhinged lady was arrested and subsequently held in FBI custody.

Now, the man did stand up for his rights. While it is still airline policy to remain masked, that requirement is understandably removed if you’re trying to take a drink or eat a bite of food. That’s all this man was attempting to do; well within airline COVID-19 regulations.

He even showed the self-appointed Karen of mask police his open water bottle. Well, after a brief “less-than-cordial verbal exchange”, the woman started to punch, scratch, and even spit on the man. The woman had to be forcibly hauled away by two unidentified males.

All the while, she screamed that she would not put her mask on until the assaulted passenger put his on. The crazy mask Karen was detained in Atlanta. One passenger also reported that hot water was dumped on the elder man’s lap.

This type of maniacal disagreement has been fueled by administrative policies. There have been so many conflicting recommendations; no one knows what’s actually beneficial and what’s not. It’s so obvious that many mandates and guidelines are superficial attempts to control.

This makes many people even more suspicious. But nothing can overcome the blistering bitterness of a self-appointed member of the mask police. People like this mask Karen would probably approve of cloth face coverings being permanently stitched to our faces.

COVID-19 has exposed us to a disturbing level of social tension. However, none may be as alarming as this new age of self-proclaimed COVID police. These quacks could be standing alone atop Mount Everest, with their mask on, but of course.

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