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Couple Rejected From Foster Program Sues State

A devout Catholic couple in Massachusetts is suing the state, claiming they were unfairly denied the opportunity to serve as foster parents due to their religious beliefs.

Mike and Catherine “Kitty” Burke alleges that in denying their application, the state restricted them from fostering children in Massachusetts explicitly because of their adherence to Catholic teachings on gender, sexuality, and marriage.

The couple is represented by the religious liberty group Becket Law, which filed the federal lawsuit on Tuesday.

In a heartbreaking statement released by the Burkes, they expressed their devastation at learning that the state did not want to allow them to welcome children in need into their home.

“After months of interviews and training, and after years of heartbreak, we were on the verge of finally becoming parents,” the couple said in the statement. “We were absolutely devastated to learn that Massachusetts would rather children sleep in the hallways of hospitals than let us welcome children in need into our home.”

The state’s official reason for denying the Burkes’ application was that they “would not be affirming to a child who identified as LGBTQIA.”

The lawsuit claims that the Burkes have no intention of rejecting a child placed in their home, but just uphold the Catholic belief of marriage and sexuality.

The lawsuit names several defendants, including Massachusetts Health and Human Services Secretary Kate Walsh and Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Children & Families Linda Spears.

The Burkes released a copy of the denial letter sent to them, which appears to refer to state regulations for Standards for Licensure as a Foster/Pre-adoptive Parent, as well as the Child Foster Bill of Rights. Both of these documents refer to LGBTQIA identity and support.

The Burkes have asked the court to permit their foster application and to award them with nominal and compensatory damages.

Fox News has reached out to the Massachusets Health and Human Services and the Massachusetts Department of Children & Families for comment but has not yet received a response.

This suit stands as a reminder for all citizens of the United States of America who value religious freedom, and whose beliefs have sometimes been challenged and curtailed on the basis of mitigating legal policies. The Moore family hope that their lawsuit can help foster the inclusion of diverse beliefs within the American foster system.

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