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Condoleezza Rice Drops Bombshell on Biden – His Biggest Failure Is Even Worse Than We Imagined

Condoleezza Rice Drops Bombshell on Biden – His Biggest Failure Is Even Worse Than We Imagined

What’s Happening:

The conflict between Israel and Hamas is highlighting growing problems in the Middle East. Reports indicate that the rogue regime of Iran was involved in the terror attack. The nation allegedly approved of the plans the Monday before the attack.

Critics are questioning Biden’s handling of this nation. His administration has failed to secure a deal to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Now, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice spoke about the emerging conflict. She criticized the White House’s failures to contain Iran. And then brought up one of Biden’s biggest blunders.

From Breitbart:
“…And oh, by the way, Sean, we gave up military facilities in Afghanistan, a country that has a hundreds-[kilometer-long] border with Iran. That was a mistake in its own right. And so, how to deal with Iran, I think it starts with isolating them. I think it starts with what, actually, the Biden administration has done. I think sending the carrier battle groups into the region is a good idea, but this should really erase any notion that the Iranian regime can be dealt with.”

The former White House official criticized Biden’s inability to hold Iran in check. Rice stated that, under the Bush and Trump administrations, the U.S. was able to “isolate the Iranians,” preventing them from influencing or attacking other nations.

She went on to explain that Afghanistan has a large border with Iran. Had Biden not withdrawn troops from the neighboring nation, the U.S. would be within striking distance. Not that Rice is suggesting an open war.

But with troops stationed very close to Iran, we would be in a better position to hold the country in check.

Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan has been heavily panned by many experts. He removed troops from the nation, which allowed the Taliban to retake it.

Rice said moving carriers into the region was a good idea. But she emphasized that Iran was not a nation that could be negotiated with, as we do with other countries. Rice said America cannot have “an agreement with the Iranians about their nuclear facilities.”

It appears the stateswoman does not trust Iran and is calling for strong measures by the U.S. to oppose it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice slammed the Biden administration over Iran.
  • She criticized Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal, suggesting troops in the nation might have posed a threat to Iran.
  • Rice stated that Iran cannot be negotiated with and must be “isolated” from other nations.

Source: Breitbart



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