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Christie Pushes Back On U.N. Claiming Israel Is ‘Committing War Crimes’: ‘I Was There’ And ‘Saw What’s Going On’

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is standing firm against accusations from the United Nations that Israel is committing war crimes in Gaza. The Republican presidential nominee made his stance clear during a Sunday interview with Kristen Welker on NBC News’ “Meet the Press.”

While discussing his recent trip to Israel, Christie was asked about the UN human rights chief’s statement that Israel is “committing war crimes in Gaza.” In response, Christie firmly stated, “Yes, I absolutely do think Israel is following international law.”

Unlike many who are making claims, Christie has firsthand experience. He spoke with leaders and members of the Israeli Defense Forces during his visit. He was close to the action, being only 600 yards from the Gaza border. He made it clear that he believes Israel is doing everything within its power to avoid civilian casualties.

The real issue, as Christie sees it, is Hamas. He accused them of forcing civilians to stay in areas that Israel has warned are dangerous. Despite Israel’s efforts to warn residents through leaflets and text messages, Hamas is putting these people at risk.

Christie reminded viewers that a cease-fire had been in place on October 6th, but it was Hamas who broke it the very next day. He referred to a 43-minute video compiled by the Israeli government showing raw footage from various sources, including body cams and dash cams from Hamas terrorists.

According to Christie, what happened on October 7th was “the greatest violation of international law and the greatest violation of humanity.” He went on to describe a disturbing phone call intercepted between a young Hamas member and his family, where the young man bragged about killing ten Jews, and his parents cheered him on.

Christie’s strong defense of Israel and condemnation of Hamas’ actions highlight the complexity of the situation in the Middle East. His firsthand account provides a perspective often lost in the political discourse: the human element.

While the world debates actions and policies, people are living this reality every day. Christie’s account serves as a stark reminder of this truth, and his steadfast belief that Israel is doing everything it can to avoid unnecessary harm to civilians is a testament to his conservative values and commitment to justice.

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