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Christian Youths Arrested In Wisconsin Sparks Backlash

Several youths in Watertown, Wisconsin were arrested while they were exercising their First Amendment right of free speech in a public area. They were arrested during a public drag queen event targeted towards children.

The incident has sparked much debate over the enforcement of the First Amendment. It is currently unclear why the police were called in to intervene during the peaceful protest. Video of the act circulated on social media showing multiple officers arresting Marcus Schroeder as he was reading from the bible.

Many are asking why the youths were arrested for passively protesting while those participating in the drag show were not facing any consequences.

Jason Storms, who recorded the video reported that there were around 200 people from various groups protesting the drag show. He said that three of the youths were arrested earlier in the day while inside the park praying and talking to participants of the show and were released with warnings. One individual was arrested later in the day for preaching on the public sidewalk outside the venue and is being charged with unlawful use of sound amplification and resisting arrest.

What happened to these youths is not the only case in which police were allegedly used to stop people from speaking out against these events. In June, a preacher was arrested in Reading, Pennsylvania for protesting a Pride Month rally. The officer warned him not to disrupt the event, though he continued to exercise his right to free speech. After the footage of the incident was released, the charge was later dismissed.

An investigation as to why the youths were arrested during the event is currently underway. Wisconsin has a law that prohibits allowing children to view such sexualized material, but it’s clear that those participating in the show were not facing any repercussions.

It appears that those supporting these shows are using the power of the government to punish those who are speaking out against them. This is a clear violation of the First Amendment. Respect for the freedom of speech should prevail in all public events, regardless of the subject matter.

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