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Chris Cuomo Reveals ABC Network’s Anti-American Decision After 9/11

News Nation anchor Chris Cuomo admitted that his former employer, ABC News, had banned American flag pins in the aftermath of the devastating 9/11 terror attacks. This startling piece of information came to light during a recent broadcast where Cuomo was responding to individuals who had advised him against using the term ‘we’ when referring to Americans.

Cuomo, the straight-talking journalist known for his no-nonsense approach, made it abundantly clear that he had zero interest in complying with such a request. “I wasn’t allowed to say this then, but I just don’t care now. I am an American, and I report as an American. And I think about America’s interests,” he boldly stated.

The controversial ban that ABC News had implemented post 9/11 did not sit well with Cuomo. He expressed his disapproval, stating, “Back on 9/11, they wouldn’t let us — at ABC News — wear a flag pin. I always thought that was wrong.” It’s a sentiment that will undoubtedly resonate with millions of Americans who proudly display their patriotic fervor through such symbolic gestures.

Moreover, Cuomo also voiced his concern over the rising tide of anti-Semitic, pro-Hamas sentiment sweeping across U.S. college campuses. In the wake of the brutal attacks by Hamas terrorists on Israeli civilians, which resulted in the tragic loss of more than 1,300 lives, many of whom were women and children, Cuomo sounded the alarm.

He warned, “If these college kids had been mouthing off about ‘we got what we deserved’ the way they’re saying about Israel right now, this would have been a very violent time in this country. And thank God it didn’t happen then and I hope it doesn’t happen.”

Cuomo’s candid remarks provide a chilling reminder of the divisive forces at play in our society. His unfiltered views serve as a wake-up call for all those who value the principles of freedom, justice, and patriotism that our great nation stands for.

As we grapple with these unsettling revelations, it’s crucial to remember the importance of unity and patriotism in these tumultuous times. Let’s hope that Cuomo’s words inspire a much-needed conversation about the role and responsibilities of the media in preserving our nation’s values.

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