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Camera Catches What’s Really Going On With Fetterman

Sen. John Fetterman (DPA) has been in office only since January, but questions are already being raised about his health and fitness for office.

The 53yearold Fetterman had suffered a stroke over the summer and was in the hospital for six weeks to get treatment for depression. After returning to work, the 6foot8 senator has taken to wearing hoodies and shorts during business hours, flouting congressional protocols and sparking a debate over how state governments should handle medical issues.

The Associated Press reports that people close to Fetterman have noted the senators relaxed, comfortable styleas a sign that the senator is making a robust recovery. Citing unnamed sources, the wire service noted that Fetterman was treated with medication and fitted for hearing aids to counter hearing loss.

But if a recent video appears to be any indication, not all is right with Fetterman. The senator seemed to be struggling to complete sentences and appeared to have difficulty forming complete thoughts. The video caused some to take to Twitter to express their displeasure with how the senator is representing Pennsylvania in Washington.

Others have noted that Fettermans laidback attire, while attempting to fashion his own dress code in the Capitol, is a sign of disrespect from the senator. While members of Congress are expected to wear a jacket and tie, Fetterman often casts his votes from the doorway of the Democratic cloakroom or the side entrance.

Further, while Fetterman has said hes doing better after his time in the hospital, some of his media appearances raise questions about his mental capacity. Fox News Digital has reported that Fettermans staff has been cleaning up his quotes, which are often halting and incoherent, before theyre released to the public.

All of this is sure to create a headache for the state Democratic party. Party officials will need to decide if they are comfortable with Fetterman remaining in office and representing the state despite his current medical issues. Though he is sure to have allies in the Senate, his performance going forward will be closely watched by many Pennsylvanians who are no doubt hoping for the best for their senator.

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