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BOMBSHELL Investigation Exposes Massive Web of Lies and Undercover Operatives

Liberal Democrats are trying to hoodwink Americans into believing the January 6 commission’s ongoing investigations are critical to our democracy. They are not. The January 6 commission is a sham. It is yet another mainstream media supported hoax.

From the left-leaning list of lawmakers, to the actual people targeted by the investigation, it is a bogus attack on conservative values. As new facts continue are unearthed, it also becomes clearer and clearer the most dramatic aspects of the protest were orchestrated.

Proud conservative Americans came to Washington, D. C., to exercise their constitutional rights. The obvious was all too clear to them. Joe Biden stole the 2020 Presidential Election. With it, he stole a cherished part of our American democracy. They were mad, and rightfully so.

However, these people did not come to the U.S. Capitol intent on causing violence. They came to voice their anger at watching a crooked politician deceitfully steal a second term from President Donald Trump. The U.S. Constitution protects the right to voice their frustration.

However, there were nefarious actors already awaiting these protestors before many of them even left their homes for the U.S. Capitol. These federal operatives had a plan. They laid out their devious plot with precise detail.

Undercover federal operatives and left-wing President Trump haters were strategically positioned to entice innocent protestors to breach the Capitol. The whole plot began to unfold as a man named Ray Epps egged on the angry protestors.

Epps was standing directly beside a documented BLM activist John Sullivan. These two men held no sympathy for President Trump’s calls to challenge the 2020 election based on widespread fraud. They both bitterly hated President Trump.

Their clear agenda was to disrupt the peaceful “Stop the Steal” protest. For a while, it seemed that they would get away with their scheme. However, diligent undercover reporting by Darren Beattie’s Revolver News may have shattered the foundation of the January 6 commission.

Ray Epps is an undercover spy, placed among the protestors to disrupt the otherwise orderly protest. Both Epps and Sullivan worked fervently to rile up the protestors. Epps especially was guilty of inducing protestors to breach the Capitol.

While Epps shouted at protestors, encouraging them to violate the law, many in the crowd began to shout “Fed, Fed, Fed”. Some know that Ray Epps was a federal plant. They were also well aware of who John Sullivan was.

Each of these men played an integral part in what ignited the chaos on January 6. However, there is one peculiar part of their story. Neither of these men, both videoed as primary instigators of the chaos that ensued, have been arrested or charged with a single crime.

Is this just a coincidence? We think not. Despite being video recorded on multiple occasions, veraciously trying to incite peaceful protestors to riot, the FBI has made no attempts to question or detain Mr. Epps or Mr. Sullivan. They remain free, while protestors sit in jail.

The report uncovers even more suspicious evidence. There were nine points of entry that protestors could have used to enter the Capitol. Eight of these had a substantial number of barricades that would have prevented access.

However, the one point where every protestor seemed to navigate to was a spot where Ray Epps was instigating potentially criminal activity. Could this just be a coincidence? I suppose if you believe the sun comes up every day to be a coincidence.

Ray Epps and his “breach team” knew exactly where to funnel protestors. They had to have been given a diagram of all points. They conveniently chose the single access point that could be the most easily breached. This is not by coincidence. This was by design.

Federal operatives want the Capitol breached. They let it happen. The protestors saw a wide-open, uninhibited portal into the Capitol. Epps and the rest of his operative team lured them into the building. These angry, but all the while peaceful protestors were tricked.

None of them ever imagined they would be charged with federal criminal trespassing. The January 6 commission is a sham. They scream that the January 6 protests from roughly one year ago were an assault on our democracy. They were not.

This sham attack on innocent Americans is an assault on democracy. Their sham is beginning to unravel. As more evidence is revealed, it becomes obvious that the liberal operatives purposefully ignited a peaceful crowd. These radicals are the real threat to our democracy.

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