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Blue State Residents Hit with Shock Demand – Look What They’re Being Forced to Do Now

Blue State Residents Hit with Shock Demand – Look What They’re Being Forced to Do Now

What’s Happening:

For three years, millions of undocumented migrants have flooded border states. Joe Biden and his administration appear to all but support this deluge of illegal aliens. States like Arizona and Texas were left out to dry, as drug cartels, smugglers, and other criminals rampaged across their communities. State leaders were forced to bus some of these invaders to Norther states–all in the hope of Democrats walking up and sending these people back home.

Of course, Democrats aren’t smart enough to figure that out.

Blue states were forced to accept these migrants–or otherwise look like hypocrites. Very quickly, blue cities and communities were overwhelmed with outsiders. These are people who refuse to get jobs and are solely burdens on the taxpayer. But one lieutenant governor wants these migrants to become an even bigger burden on American citizens. You won’t believe what she demanded they do.

From Fox News:

Massachusetts Lt. Gov. Kim Driscoll asked state residents Wednesday to open their doors and assist housing migrants after the Democratic governor, Maura Healey, declared a state of emergency Tuesday as the state is faced with a vast shortage of shelters.

“Most importantly, if you have an extra room or suite in your home, please consider hosting a family. Housing and shelter is our most pressing need and become a sponsor family,” Driscoll said.

Wow. I think we are about to see many new Republican voters appear in the state of Massachusetts. Like other blue states, these Democrats refuse to deport the many illegal aliens invading their communities.

Democrats are giving these migrants free food, clothing, shelter, and in some cases, money. These migrants are not “assimilating,” as the left claimed they would. Instead, they are demanding more free handouts, as blue cities and states are overrun with invaders.

The leaders of Massachusetts refuse to do what is necessary: demand the federal government close the border and deport these illegal aliens. But, they lack the resources to deal with this endless flood of invaders, sent to them care of the Biden administration.

Their best idea is to ask American citizens to house people who do not have any documentation proving their identity.

Let me clarify one important detail. Most of the people crossing the border are young men. They are unmarried and have no families. Law enforcement warns that many of them are cartel members. In some cases, they are kidnapping women and children and forcing them to say they are a family.

These are the kinds of people crossing the border illegally–the ones Ms. Driscoll is begging Massachusetts residents to welcome into their homes.

Hm… I wonder how many locals are suicidal enough to do that.

Our hope is that MA residents will finally walk up and say, “Enough!” Perhaps they will stop voting for liberals who are destroying our borders, national identity, and communities. Until these clowns are removed from office, this insanity will continue.

Key Takeaways:

  • Massachusetts Lt. Gov. Kim Driscoll begged residents to take in illegal aliens.
  • The blue state, like many others, is overrun with thousands of border jumpers.
  • This comes as Democrats refuse to deport illegal aliens and put the burden on taxpayers.

Source: Fox News



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