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Biden’s Latest Statement about Israel Aims At Appeasing ‘The Squad’

President Joe Biden appeared to pander on Tuesday, watering down his criticisms of anti-Semitism just before his trip to Israel and Jordan later in the week. He called on Americans to “reject hate in every form.”

Biden made the comment in a post to X, where he tied the obvious anti-Semitism shown in the recent terror attacks Hamas perpetrated against Israeli civilians to other forms of hatred like “Islamophobia.”

Stephen Miller called out the president’s stance on the issue, suggesting that the statement was being made at least in part to appease members of his own party who have taken a pro-Palestinian stance.

“When Ilhan Omar tweeted about Jews hypnotizing the world, the original resolution condemning her was about her anti-semitism,” Miller said. “Dems wouldn’t go for it, so they settled on condemning all hate instead. This is about placating their extremist wing. Nothing more, and this decrepit old man isn’t writing these.”

“Antisemitism is never allowed to be condemned alone. Whenever there’s an anti-Jewish hate crime (in this case, a continuing mass-pogrom) our leaders say we must condemn every other ism and phobia in the same sentence,” Newsmax’s Justine Brooke Murray added.

Philip Klein, from the National Review, made a connection to Black Lives Matter — and claims that responding to that statement with the phrase “All Lives Matter” was somehow racist — by noting that “Suddenly saying ‘All Lives Matter’ is okay when it comes to attacks on Jews.”

“‘What the Israelis are doing is no different from what Hamas did,’ but from a White House account,” another observed.

Another argued that the post was far more insidious — and indicated a desire within the administration to appease enemies of the United States like Iran.

“Administration policy at this point appears to be to subsidize Hamas, forestall as much of the Israeli response to the massacre as possible, try to salvage a deal with Iran at any cost, and shift the conversation domestically to blame political enemies and white people,” the X post read.



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