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Biden’s 2024 Hopes SMASHED After Seeing This

Joe Biden does not need to run for re-election in 2024. He’s expected to announce that he will be running, but it’s not what the American people want. But you can’t tell a Democrat that because they don’t actually care what Americans want.

A recent clip from NBC has revealed interesting insights about the views of 2020 Biden voters concerning his potential re-election. A significant percentage of those who supported Biden in the last election cycle believe that he should not run for re-election. In particular, a staggering 53% of Biden voters expressed this opinion, citing concerns about his age and ability to perform the job.

Interestingly, this sentiment is not limited to just Biden voters, as a vast majority of Democratic voters who supported Sanders in the 2020 primaries (64%) also believe that Biden should not run. Even more strikingly, a whopping 76% of voters under 35 years old share this opinion, signaling a potentially significant challenge for Biden’s prospects in the upcoming election cycle.

It is worth noting that the concerns raised by these voters were not prompted and were expressed freely in response to questions about their top concerns. This suggests that these sentiments are genuine and reflective of broader trends within the Democratic electorate. The fact that voters have these concerns about a sitting president seeking re-election is somewhat unusual, highlighting the uncertain and challenging political terrain that Biden may confront as he considers his options for the future.

Think about that for just a moment…53% of his own supporters don’t want him to run in 2024. On top of that, you already know that half of the country who voted for President Trump don’t want him either. That means that roughly 75% of the nation does not want Joe Biden as their president, and that’s probably a conservative estimate. And why would they? Biden has done nothing but make things worse for everyone since assuming office.

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