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Biden White House Leaves Americans Speechless – Top Leader Gives Infuriating Corruption Response

Biden White House Leaves Americans Speechless – Top Leader Gives Infuriating Corruption Response

What’s Happening:

Joe Biden is really hoping Americans forget all his baggage, as we approach the 2024 Election. And we’re not even talking about the many crises he’s started, his failures in the economy, his open border, and his bankrolling of war overseas.

No, we’re talking about the growing reports of his and his family’s alleged involvement in a bribery ring, back when he was vice president.

House Republicans have been hunting down the evidence. The FBI might even have documents that suggest this criminality. A reporter pressed the Biden administration for answers. The White House absolutely must respond to something that could take down the entire administration. But this is what Biden’s top official said.

From Fox News:

“So, what do you say to the majority of Americans who believe that the president is himself corrupt?” Nelson asked.

“Wow,” Kirby initially responded while shaking his head…

Kirby’s answer, along with his apparent frustrated demeanor, was attacked on social media for ignoring the question and ongoing investigation into the Biden family…

“The Biden administration truly thinks you’re stupid,” National Mouth editor Tim Young commented after quoting the exchange.

This is truly pathetic. A New York Post reporter asked Kirby about a new poll that reveals 53% of Americans, including 1/4 of Democrats, believe Joe Biden was involved in an “illegal influence peddling scheme.” That is pretty serious. Definitely enough for the White House to do something about it.

All that Biden’s National Security Council spokesman could say was… “Wow.” Really? He went on to dismiss the question claiming Biden said there was “nothing” to the accusations. Yet, Kirby refused to remark on the fact that so many Americans don’t trust Biden.

Users online quickly blasted the Biden official for his non-answer. One writer said that the White House thinks we’re “stupid.” Biden and his staffers think they can just ignore these serious claims and they’ll all just go away.

Or worse, Biden thinks he can attack Donald Trump and “MAGA” Republicans, thinking that will magically make Americans forget about Hunter and all his supposed sins. But mounting reports are making Americans worried that Joe Biden is a crook that is selling out the United States.

That’s not a winning strategy by any leap of the imagination. If Joe thinks he’s going to be re-elected, he needs to do better than “Wow.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden’s National Security Council spokesman John Kirby refused to answer a question about accusations against Joe Biden.
  • Kirby said “Wow” after hearing that 53% of Americans think Joe Biden’s corrupt.
  • Users blasted the White House saying they think Americans are “stupid.”

Source: Fox News



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