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Biden Official Nailed With “Treason” Accusation – Top Republican Says This Guy Is 100% Guilty

Biden Official Nailed With “Treason” Accusation – Top Republican Says This Guy Is 100% Guilty

What’s Happening:

Republicans in Congress have spent most of this year investigating the so-called Biden administration. You probably know all about this failed presidency. How Joe’s officials are some of the worst we’ve ever seen. How few of them, if any, are qualified to do their job. And how many of them, especially those in the DHS and State Department, could be impeached.

But one official just might face something much worse.

One of Biden’s top officials was caught doing something that, thanks to Democrats, has been recently labeled a cardinal sin. This official even had his security clearance suspended, because of how badly he’s behaved. Now, a top Republican is warning this man might face one of the harshest charges imaginable.

From Daily Wire:

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) suggested on Sunday that a top Biden administration official who has had their security clearance suspended could have potentially committed treason, although he conceded that there was no proof of that at this point.

The FBI is reportedly investigating Rob Malley, President Joe Biden’s special envoy to Iran, over alleged mishandling of classified documents.

Yikes. Rob Malley, Biden’s special envoy to Iran, is being investigated by the FBI over mishandling of classified documents. That’s right, Biden’s people seem to be doing this far more than Trump was ever accused of doing.

This man was dealing with Iran and their nuclear plans. And, from what we are learning, he might have handed over intelligence and secrets to Iranian officials. You know, our enemies?

Republican Michael McCaul is saying Malley might have committed treason over what he did. It seems McCaul believes he did far more than just “mishandle” these documents. He might have given Iran information that was top secret. If so, he might have been guilty of betraying the United States.

Republicans demanded answers from the White House and of course, Biden refused to answer. So, they set a deadline of July 25th to get the answers they seek. We can assume the Biden administration will not comply, forcing Republicans to take stronger measures to get to the truth.

We can also assume this FBI will protect this Biden lackey and not reveal what he did. So, it will take the power of Congress to get to the truth.

Key Takeaways:

  • Republicans have accused a top Biden official of committing treason.
  • Biden’s envoy to Iran is being investigated by the FBI for “mishandling” classified documents.
  • This official might have given intelligence and secrets to our enemies.

Source: Daily Wire



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