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Biden Just Tipped Democrats’ Losing Hand Of Cards – Joe Sends $15 Million From DNC To 2022 Midterm Races

Biden Just Tipped Democrats’ Losing Hand Of Cards – Joe Sends $15 Million From DNC To 2022 Midterm Races

What’s Happening:

Democrats are facing a very bad midterm election cycle. They had control of D.C. all last year (and this year). They ran the House, the Senate, and the White House. So, what did they do with this opportunity? Only help trigger one crisis after another. Democrats sat back and let Joe Biden run this country off the rails. And things are poised only to get worse.

It seems neither Biden nor Democrats are willing to change their socialist agenda. That agenda could cost them control of Congress for years. The committees responsible for organizing and winning races in the House and Senate are floundering. So, Biden had to divert cash just so they can compete.

From Breitbart:

President Joe Biden reportedly approved a $15 million transfer of funds from the Democrat National Committee (DNC) to its House and Senate campaign counterparts in an attempt to protect the slim Democrat majorities in both chambers ahead of a tough midterm election…

This is crucial for the president as they have barely been able to pass significant parts of Biden’s legislative agenda while having control in Washington, DC. A poll from NBC News said last month revealed 72 percent of voters believe that the country is headed down the wrong track.

Joe Biden approved of a $15 million transfer from the DNC to their congressional committees. The money appears to be a bailout, so these groups can front 2022 midterm campaigns. The DNC had to front them the cash because it appears the DSCC and the DCCC were struggling to make a dent.

Democrats seemed to believe that the passage of Biden’s “Build Back Better” spending bill would have saved their bacon. Even though that bill would have caused far more harm than good, they could have bragged that it was proof they were “working” for the American public. They were so confident that bill would pass, they did nothing else last year. Even as Biden triggered a worker shortage, a supply chain crisis, a border crisis, the fall of Afghanistan, and more.

Now, it seems like their committees responsible for funding reelection campaigns in Congress couldn’t rub two pennies together. So, the DNC had to provide $15 million. Chances are, that money will go to fund more fundraising campaigns since $15 million doesn’t get you very far in this day and age.

Even with that money, Democrats are in big trouble. One recent poll revealed 72% of voters think we are headed in the wrong direction. For the first time in decades, more Americans consider themselves Republicans than Democrats. And 59% of voters disapprove of Congress.

Can cash change all that?

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden tried to bailout Democrats’ congressional committees with $15 million.
  • The money was transferred from the DNC to the DSCC and the DCCC.
  • This comes as Democrats face a tough midterm election.

Source: Breitbart



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