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Biden Dooms American Economy with Latest Action – As Deadline Approaches, Joe Just Downright Refused to Negotiate

Biden Dooms American Economy with Latest Action – As Deadline Approaches, Joe Just Downright Refused to Negotiate

What’s Happening:

For the second time in Biden’s administration, the country has hit the debt ceiling. That’s what happens when you elect a socialist determined to burn through our money. The White House had demanded Congress to blindly extend his credit, so he can continue to plunge future Americans into debt.

House Speaker McCarthy refuses to bow to his whims. The Republican wants to negotiate with Biden, promising that the debt ceiling will be raised–as long as there are spending cuts. This is normal for our government; even Biden has long negotiated to get things done. But suddenly, Joe is taking the nuclear option. And he might bring all of us down with him.

From Breitbart:

During a portion of an interview with NPR released on Thursday, White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients stated that President Joe Biden won’t negotiate over spending cuts in exchange for raising the debt ceiling with Republicans in Congress like Biden did when he was part of the Obama administration in 2011 because “brinksmanship” “had major impacts on the economy, on families across the country. And we’re not doing that again.”

This is idiotic. Never in the history of this country has a president not negotiated with Congress to get something done. Yet Joe Biden is acting like a spoiled brat, refusing to grow up and come to terms with the Republican-led House.

Biden is demanding Congress give him a bill that raises the debt ceiling even higher, without a single concession. Does this man think he’s Mussolini? Does he think he can snap his boney old fingers and Congress will dance for him?

We all know his boss, Obama, was a wannabe dictator. But even he knew he had to work with Republicans. Biden seems hell-bent on refusing to work with the other party, despite his claims that he’s a “unifier.”

It’s Joe’s way or the highway. And he is willing to let the government default on its loans, plunging the entire nation into financial crisis. All for what? So, he can tell the country, “I refused to work with Republicans”?

This is so pathetic. But it’s what we’ve come to expect from a failed, morally bankrupt, presidency.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden will not negotiate to raise the debt ceiling, despite the deadline looming.
  • Biden is demanding Congress pass a bill without a single spending cut.
  • If the government defaults on its loans, the country will be plunged into financial chaos.

Source: Breitbart



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