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Biden Considering Giving Iran Another $10 Billion!

The Biden administration is reportedly considering giving Iran access to another $10 billion, sparking outrage and deep concern among conservatives. This decision is not only perplexing but also alarming, as Iran is widely viewed as a threat to the United States. So, why would the administration aid and abet such a country?

Previously, the Biden administration had unfrozen billions of dollars for Iran in what many called a questionable prisoner swap arrangement. Following this act, Iranian proxies launched attacks on Israel and U.S. troops in the Middle East. Now, the administration is reportedly mulling over issuing a waiver to Iran that would grant them access to $10 billion worth of previously frozen cash held in Iraq.

This decision has raised eyebrows and provoked a strong reaction from the public. Many see this as a security risk and question the logic behind aiding a nation that poses a direct threat to the United States. Some have even labeled the administration’s actions as treasonous and accuse it of deliberately funding terrorism and mass murder.

One particular name that has come up in these discussions is Valerie Jarrett. A former advisor to President Obama, she is accused by some of having a role in carrying out Iran’s plans to destroy the United States. While these claims are unverified, the mere mention of her name stirs up strong emotions and fuels the narrative of a government seemingly working against its own interests.

The Democratic Party is also under fire, with users criticizing their policies and actions. Some express a desire to take action, while others display a sense of hopelessness and resignation. The discussions reflect a deep dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs and a yearning for change.

The Biden administration’s consideration of granting Iran access to another $10 billion has stirred up a hornet’s nest of concerns and criticisms. As these discussions show, many Americans are deeply worried about the security risks and question the rationale behind such a decision.

UPDATE: He did it.

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