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Biden Commits Worst Blunder Against Americans – And There’s No Way Trump Would Do This

Biden Commits Worst Blunder Against Americans – And There’s No Way Trump Would Do This

What’s Happening:

After an unprovoked attack by Hamas, Israel has gone to war. The nation responded to the vile attack, where nearly 1,000 were killed and many taken hostage. Many in the region are in danger, fearing that invaders from other countries will join Hamas to attack Israel.

The Biden administration has faced intense criticism, in the wake of this war. Biden’s 18 intelligence-gathering agencies failed to detect this attack. Biden ignored reporters and hosted a BBQ during the opening hours of the war. And the administration refuses to freeze $6 billion in assets given to Iran–one of Hamas’s sponsors.

But it appears Biden will face even more scrutiny over his administration’s ongoing response. It is known that numerous American citizens are currently in Israel. They are facing serious threats as the war unfolds. This was what Biden’s State Department told them.

From Daily Caller:
Major airlines began canceling their services out of Israel just hours before President Joe Biden told Americans remaining in the country to book a commercial flight if they want to leave after the terrorist organization Hamas invaded.

Biden advised Americans left within Israel Monday to book a commercial flight or utilize ground options if they wish to leave the country. As of Monday evening, American, Delta, United Airlines and Air France have all halted services in and out of Israel after the country declared war on Hamas, according to the Associated Press.

The Biden administration did not offer support for Americans struggling to flee Israel as war breaks out. The State Department advised them to book commercial flights. This statement came out after most major airlines canceled flights in and out of Israel, in light of rocket attacks.

It appears that the Biden administration is refusing to provide means by which Americans can get to safety. Despite having resources in and around the region, it appears Biden is telling Americans they are on their own.

This will no doubt remind Americans of Biden’s historic blunders in Afghanistan. Biden was responsible for the Taliban retaking the country. The State Department staged a botched withdrawal from Kabul, leaving behind thousands of Americans and Afghan allies.

Private citizens had to spend their own money to get Americans out of the country, to neighboring regions with functioning airports. The State Department was shockingly unhelpful. In some cases, it refused to provide guidance to fleeing Americans.

Is history repeating itself? It is so far unknown how many Americans are currently stuck in Israel. The country has long been a tourist destination, so there could be hundreds of Americans unable to get to safety.

Critics will not be kind to Biden, who appears to be abandoning his own people.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden’s State Department told Americans stuck in Israel to buy flights out.
  • This came hours after most major airlines canceled flights out of Israel.
  • Previously, Biden had abandoned Americans stuck in Afghanistan, after he let the Taliban take over.

Source: Daily Caller



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