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Biden Caught Whispering After Press Question – The Transcript Reveals Joe’s Words Intentionally Blowing Them Off

Biden Caught Whispering After Press Question – The Transcript Reveals Joe’s Words Intentionally Blowing Them Off

What’s Happening:

Americans have long wondered about Biden’s ability to lead. Especially during press conferences.

When Biden does appear before reporters, it rarely goes well. Once again, he sat in front of them refusing to respond to questions.

But when he left, he let something slip. And the transcript is outing the elitist.

From The Western Journal:

As reporters were shouting their queries while being ushered out of the room — per the usual custom — Biden first sat still looking on.

Then, one reporter, in particular, asked, “Do you have confidence in David Malpass of the World Bank?” This elicited a response from Biden that is inaudible, but the White House transcript released after the meeting precisely captured the off-the-cuff comment.

“I wouldn’t bother answering,” Biden said.

In what is becoming a common trend, Biden sat staring blankly at reporters as they asked him questions.

Normally, a president or leader would answer a few questions before leaving.

But it’s pretty clear that Biden’s handlers told him never to answer questions that he hasn’t been given answers to ahead of time.

Biden stares off like a nursing home patient who has forgotten his own name.

At one point, Biden did go off script to say something about a reporter’s question. The official transcript reveals, though, it was hardly helpful.

Biden simply said, “I wouldn’t bother answering.”

Oh, great. That’s what Biden thinks about reporters and the American public. He just isn’t going to “bother” answering pressing questions.

I guess he hasn’t “bothered” addressing the many crises he’s created while in office. He hasn’t “bothered” dealing with the border, surging crime, the energy crisis, or inflation.

He’s just not going to “bother” being a leader at all. He’ll just say and do whatever his handlers tell him to do.

Actually, leading? Naw, he won’t bother.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden refused to answer questions at an event, just staring at reporters.
  • He let slip something, saying he “wouldn’t bother” answering.
  • Biden rarely answers questions without answers written out for him.

Source: The Western Journal, Twitter



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