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Biden Admits From Ivory Tower The State Of America – Joe Says Average Citizens Are “Getting Clobbered By The Cost Of Everything”

Biden Admits From Ivory Tower The State Of America – Joe Says Average Citizens Are “Getting Clobbered By The Cost Of Everything”

What’s Happening:

It’s safe to say Joe Biden doesn’t have much in common with the average American. He’s been a rich, career politician for more than 40 years. Worse than that, as “president,” it seems his handlers shelter him from much that is going on in the country. He seems only concerned with pushing a radical agenda that is not supported by most voters.

Biden’s first year ended with historic inflation. The cost of everything has risen again and again. The White House doesn’t seem equipped to handle this situation. But Biden wants to know he knows. During a recent speech, Sleepy Joe let us know what we already knew.

From YouTube:


President Joe Biden said, “average people are getting clobbered by the cost of everything,” during his remarks from the White House on the January 2022 jobs report on 2/4/2022.

Um, was Joe woken up five minutes before he gave this speech? He looks more tired and groggy than usual. He’s talking at half speed, almost mumbling through the remarks his handlers put on his teleprompter. (Keep squinting, Joe! That’s a really good look!)

It’s pretty hilarious that Biden is saying Americans are “getting clobbered.” He mentioned the rising cost of gas and food. Ironically, he refused to admit that he is the one doing the clobbering! Gas prices are so high because he shut down the pipeline and banned drilling. What the heck does he think is behind it? He says his administration is trying to “help.” How about letting American companies drill for oil?

(I guess he’ll just go back to Russia and beg them for oil.)

And food prices? Gee, why are food prices so high? Could it be because Biden has been paying people not to go to work? That has resulted in a lack of farmer workers, truck drivers, grocery store workers, and so on. Hey, food doesn’t make itself. And when Biden discourages people from going back to work, supplies get low. When supplies are low, prices get high.

This isn’t rocket science.

Biden, again, says he’s trying to help. How? Biden’s done virtually nothing since entering office. His handlers prop him up in front of a camera once and a while. And we’re supposed to believe he’s in charge. We have no idea what the rest of his administration is doing, but it isn’t helping the American people.

(Maybe they’re all bowling in the White House?)

All I can say is, Joe needs to go back to bed.

Key Takeaways:

  • In a recent speech, Joe let us know Americans are “getting clobbered.”
  • He pointed to rising gas prices and food prices, both of which are his fault.
  • Biden claims to be “helping” Americans but has done nothing so far.

Source: YouTube



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