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AOC, the Socialist Darling, Makes a Dim-Witted Comparison

The Socialist Darling just made a dim-witted comparison. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York is facing significant backlash over her comparison of the protests in Iran against the hijab to the pro-abortion efforts here in America. 

Ocasio-Cortez wrote about this in a Tweet on Friday. She focused on the protests that have arisen around the Muslim world after 22-year-old Mahsa Mini was killed after being arrested by the Iranian morality police. They seized her over reportedly failing to follow rules about wearing the hijab. 

Law enforcement officials in Iran have been accused of beating her while she was detained, but they deny those allegations. 

AOC seized the moment of a great injustice to lash out at those who are pro-life here in America. Many people criticized her for comparing the two very different political movements. 

“The sick delusional motivation to westernize and highjack Amini’s death is disgusting. No, there is no comparison in the west. Stop comparing your ‘struggle’ to theirs. It’s not the same and it’s disgusting,” one person wrote. 

“Using the Iranian struggle for freedom to bolster her abortion stance. Classy,” responded another critic.

“There’s no connection btwn Hijabs and abortion. Shut up if you had nothing good to say about the Iranian women instead of soiling their demonstrations with your dirty far left nonsense,” read another response.

“So, allowing women to choose not to where the hijab will lead to widespread elective abortion in Iran? Way to go, moron. You just gave the mullahs more reason to crack down on the protestors,” noted another critic.

When people have protested against the hijab in the Muslim world, they have been met with violent repression by state police. 

“Iranians may be silenced by their government, but that does not mean the world has to be silent,” tweeted Iranian-American journalist Yashar Ali about the violence.

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