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AOC Says McCarthy’s Free Ride Just Got Canceled: Slams His ‘Hypocrisy’

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has blasted House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), claiming that he expected Democrats to vote for him “for free.” Ocasio-Cortez’s comments came in response to McCarthy’s recent comments that he was “betrayed” by Republicans who voted to remove him from his leadership position.

McCarthy claimed that former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had promised to support him in the event that a motion to vacate came up — and said the fact that she had not done so amounted to “a political decision by the Democrats” to not vote in his favor for the preservation of “the institution.”

“Does anyone believe for one minute that McCarthy would help elect a Dem speaker ‘for the institution?’” Ocasio-Cortez asked, adding, “McCarthy’s hubris is a theme. He loudly stated he wouldn’t negotiate w/Dems, called virtually none, trashed those who helped w/CR, and then expected Dem votes for free?”

Ocasio-Cortez kept going after McCarthy in the posts that followed, saying that the now-former speaker had already broken promises he made to Democrats and should not have expected anything less than their full support behind those who wanted him gone.

“If McCarthy cared so much for the institution, he wouldn’t have opened a baseless impeachment w/o a House vote (as he promised &broke),” she complained — in spite of the fact that Democrats had done the same to former President Donald Trump. “If he cared for the institution, he wouldn’t have voted to overturn election results. He would’ve honored his debt limit deal w/ the President.”

“One would think after years of striving, McCarthy would have studied lessons left by predecessors Boehner and Ryan, who also fell at their destructive wing. It was McCarthy’s choice to empower them further,” she concluded. “He protected them & punished those who bucked Trump. He’s not a victim.”

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