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AOC Ridiculed After Complaining About $200-$300/Day Tipper

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is no stranger to the food service industry, having worked as a bartender before her running for Congress. Recently, AOC was asked via social media platform Threads about her best and worst experiences in the field, and she offered an answer that included a story about a wealthy customer who exhibited what she described as “mansplaining” behavior and sought to “belittle the server.” According to AOC, this patron would tip her up to $300 per day for indulging his conversations during his yearly visits.

The response from AOC drew both criticism and support on Twitter, with some users opining that the customer may have been a lonely elderly man whose wife had recently passed away and was merely seeking someone to talk to in order to feel useful. This was echoed Geoffrey Ingersoll who suggested that instead of demonstrating grace towards the individual, AOC opted instead to paint him as a stereotypical boogeyman that fit into her pre-existing worldview. One Twitter user even went so far as to express envy at the prospect of making up to $1,500 for simply listening while working.

“I’m so sorry you had to go through that ordeal. Hopefully the $300 tip helped towards your recovery,” one user wrote.

Geoffrey Ingersoll, editor in chief at the Daily Caller, had a compassionate take on the whole thing — but not for AOC.

“99.9p chance he was a wealthy and quaint old man whose wife had passed a few years ago and who loved reading in retirement and just wanted someone, ANYONE to talk to for a minute. Maybe even childless through no fault of his own, so passing on info to a young server gave him a sense of worth and he was willing to tip well for the opportunity,” he wrote.

“So instead of demonstrating grace to this person, aoc turns him into a fictitious boogey monster that validates all the neo marxist gender nonsense vomitted into her skull during college,” Ingersoll wrote.

Another Twitter user said, “$1200-$1500 from one week to listen to a guy tell stories while I worked. Guy sounds awesome! I wish I had him visit my establishment when I was younger. Would have been incredible to have such a great week in tips!”

AOC’s account of this interaction presents an incredibly depressing view of humanity; it’s almost heartbreaking when considered through the lens of someone who is simply looking for companionship or attention. It’s not hard to sympathize with those who believe this patron likely wasn’t trying to belittle anyone – he just wanted someone who would listen.

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