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AOC Gets Brutally Mocked Over Ridiculous Claim

Elon Musk has taken a swipe at Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), stating bluntly that the Congresswoman is “just not that smart”. The scathing comment comes after AOC criticized House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) over a looming government shutdown.

AOC took to social media to voice her criticism, stating, “Boy math is needing 15 attempts to count the votes correctly to become Speaker and then shutting down the government 9 months later.”

This jab was met with backlash, most notably from political commentator Ashley St. Clair who compared AOC’s logic to equating legal immigrants coming through Ellis Island to the millions of undocumented migrants pouring through our border.

Musk, known for his outspoken and often controversial social media presence, didn’t hold back in his response to St. Clair’s post about AOC, posting, “She’s just not that smart.”

In typical AOC fashion, the Congresswoman responded swiftly, boasting of her accomplishments. “I wasn’t born rich and became the youngest woman in American history to be elected to Congress,” she wrote. “Then I investigated Cohen, authored the largest FEMA funeral assistance program in history and led creation of a US Climate Corps to create tens of thousands of new jobs. Stay mad.”

However, St. Clair was quick to point out the fallacy in AOC’s narrative, stating, “You grew up in the wealthy suburbs of Westchester County. Drop the Bronx shtick at the very least girly pop.”

This isn’t the first time AOC has found herself in a public spat with critics. Notably, back in 2022, when AOC fled New York City for COVID lockdown-free Florida, she claimed her GOP critics actually just want to date her. She even went so far as to accuse Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro of “catcalling” her after he challenged her to a public debate for charity.

It seems that AOC is no stranger to controversy and isn’t afraid to engage in public battles with her critics. However, the question remains, does this serve to bolster her image and credibility, or does it detract from her ability to effectively carry out her duties as a member of Congress? As Musk’s comment suggests, there may be some who question whether she possesses the necessary intelligence and judgement to hold such a high office.

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