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Another Crypto Millionaire Dies – Guess What Happened Right Before It?

People vanishing or mysteriously turning up dead are usually events reserved for cliffhanger-style thrillers. But the real world has experienced a number of these bizarre happenings. On a Thanksgiving eve in 1971, one man boarded an airplane in Portland, Oregon.

Federal investigators have been hunting for D. B. Cooper, and the $200,000 he made off with, ever since. More recently, a confirmed child trafficker was sitting in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York.

There were rumors brewing that Jeffrey Epstein was about to expose many rather “powerful people.” He never got that opportunity. Conveniently, Jeffrey Epstein “supposedly” hung himself inside his jail cell. Many do not believe he did.

They think he was murdered to keep him quiet. Epstein’s death ignited theories that the Clinton family political machine orchestrated his end. Those who subscribe to that theory insist that former Clinton attorney Vince Foster likewise did not commit suicide.

What’s eerily strange is how many of these recent “rather convenient deaths” potentially involve high-profile members of the progressive Democrat Party. While he’s not dead, yet, Sam Bankman-Fried is about to be placed under the microscope.

Bankman-Fried is the disgraced owner of the FTX cryptocurrency trading firm. It’s now been proven that Bankman-Fried used billions of these ill-gotten monies to fund Democrat candidates. Of course, FTX recently collapsed.

He’s had multiple meetings with high-ranking elected Democrats. These same lawmakers were entrusted with the oversight process for the cryptocurrency world. Many experts believe this is why Bankman-Fried and other cryptocurrency gurus are so profitable.

If ever proven, this would be a monumental case of paying off congressional officials with a bribe. Many are skeptical about whether if Bankman-Fried will face criminal charges. However, another crypto millionaire just met a rather strange demise.

Vyacheslav Taran “was” the head of the Libertex Group crypto exchange. We use “was” because Taran died on Friday. It seems that a helicopter in which he was a passenger crashed. The Daily Mail reported that his death came two days after another crypto giant was found dead.

According to a New York Post report, Tiantian Kullander died in his sleep. Kullander was the 30-year-old co-founder of the Amber Group. The Amber Group is a Hong Kong-based digital asset company. That makes two dead crypto millionaires in less than one week.

Suspicious, or is this just a convenient coincidence? Most experts think that something is amiss in the cryptocurrency industry. Some believe the wildly speculative digital market is so successful because of the lack of governmental oversight it’s received.

If you thirst for some more conveniently bizarre events surrounding the crypto world, we only have to go back about a month. A 29-year-old cryptocurrency success story was found drowned on a Puerto Rico beach.

Before he conveniently drowned, Nikolai Mushegian claimed the CIA was out to kill him. Now, these may all be coincidental deaths, as unlikely as that might appear. However, it’s also rather convenient that cryptocurrency donors seem unusually linked to progressive ideology.

They obviously hand over “a lot of cash” to Democrats. Logically, these three dead crypto tycoons would know a great deal about the inner workings of their industry. Might they know something about the Bankman-Fried fiasco? If these three men did, they’re not talking now.

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