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Ann Coulter Reminds Matt Gaetz: ‘It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over’

The climate of House Republicans is one of anger and frustration, as Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) created a potential disaster for the GOP. Gaetz filed the motion to vacate, which removed McCarthy, voting with Democrats to remove the now-speaker. McCarthy opted not to run for his former post to quell any further disruption.

Things are about to get even more heated because Donald Trump, whose name has been floated around as a potential speaker candidate, will reportedly visit Congress next week. Will this lead to constructive chaos or absolute bedlam, which puts the House Republican majority at risk next year?

Ann Coulter has been one of the prominent conservative voices not on board with Gaetz’s plot, saying that a move puts vulnerable Republicans at risk in 2024.

She tweeted: Please stop doing this @mattgaetz. You make great points, but your fellow Republicans aren’t all in safe seats like yours. YOUR NO. 1 JOB: WIN MAJORITIES IN THE HOUSE & SENATE. Then get a better speaker.

She threw more cold water on the Florida Republican’s victory lap, noting that she would have taken his remarks about out-of-control spending and the debt more seriously if Gaetz didn’t go on Steve Bannon’s podcast to tout his agent of chaos status: This would be more believable if you didn’t immediately go on Steve Bannon’s podcast to accept congratulations for creating “chaos.”

The problem is that even if Gaetz gets a speaker he likes, which most of the GOP base would also find acceptable—it’s a no-gain victory. We still have a Democratic Senate that will never sign off on any GOP measure on the economy unless we retake the upper chamber.

Gaetz should be careful not to celebrate too soon. He may have scored some points against McCarthy, but he is still a long way from becoming Speaker of the House.

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