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Alabama Extends Athletic Ban

Republican Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed legislation Tuesday extending the states ban on biological males competing in womens sports to include college sports teams, prompting outrage from transgenderrights advocates.

The new law, which was passed by the Alabama State Senate 264 and the State House 835, mandates that students play in sports leagues corresponding with their biological sex regardless of whether or not they have undergone crosssex hormone treatment.

Look, if you are a biological male, you are not going to be competing in womens and girls sports in Alabama, Ivey said in a statement, adding thatIts about fairness, plain and simple.

Carmarion D. AndersonHarvey, the state director of the Human Rights Campaign, contended the new law is part of asystematic attack against LGBTQ+ people, and is making Alabamaan increasingly hostile place for transgender people and the LGBTQ+ community as a whole.

Alabamas new law adds to the recent wave of legislation passed by Republican states in opposition to transgender ideology. Last week Texas passed legislation banning the performance of drag shows in front of children, which now awaits Governor Greg Abbotts signature. Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida, and Montana have all passed similar pieces of legislation.

Similarly, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, Utah, and Iowa have all passed legislation banning the administration of puberty blockers, crosssex hormones, and sex change operations on minors.

Last month the Biden administration reversed a Trumpera directive that protected female athletes from competing against biological males, further raising concerns among conservatives and female athletes. Numerous states including Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi have since taken it upon themselves to pass laws in defense of womens sports.

The new legislation is sure to draw the attention of the Justice Department, which is currently suing Idaho over the implementation of a similar law that was passed last summer.

Critics of the new law contend that it poses a threat to transgender student-athletes, and say that states should not be intervening in such matters. Others contend that the law protects womens sports from a potentialunfair advantage that biological males may possess due to their physical size and strength.

As the debate over transgenderidentified athletes and the consequences of their participation in womens sports continues, many will be watching closely as states attempt to grapple with the issue. In the meantime, Alabama is likely to remain among the growing list of states with stringent policies protecting female athletes from potential male competitors.

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