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After Ted Cruz Exposes Biden’s New Border Plan – The House Reacts with a Powerful Maneuver

After Ted Cruz Exposes Biden’s New Border Plan – The House Reacts with a Powerful Maneuver

What’s Happening:

With the ending of Title 42, whatever measures we had to secure the border are gone. Joe Biden has refused to enforce our immigration laws. So, for over two years we’ve seen millions enter the country illegally. Now, the dams are broken as countless aliens from all over the world rush the border in record numbers.

Sen. Ted Cruz was on the scene to expose what was going on. A reporter tried to claim that there was no solution to this problem, something Democrats want Americans to believe. Well, the Texas senator tore him to shreds.

From Daily Wire:

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) excoriated Democrats while visiting the U.S.-Mexico border on Thursday ahead of the massive influx of illegal aliens set to flood into the U.S. as Title 42 expires…

“…There are, right now where we’re standing, more than 22,000 people camped just south of the border, getting ready to come across just in this location…”

Wow. The left doesn’t want you to know that we can have a secure border and end this flood of illegal immigration. All it takes is our federal government actually enforcing our laws. Instead, Biden appears to be going out of his way to encourage illegal immigration.

And as the border is overwhelmed with more migrants, House Republicans move against Biden.

From The Post Millennial:

On Thursday, House Representatives debated the Secure the Border Act of 2023 as Title 42 expired at the southern border, which lays out sweeping new requirements and restrictions for securing the southern border.

The bill passed 219-213. Two Republicans, Reps. Thomas Massie and John Duarte voted along side all Democrat members against the bill.

The House passed a bill that would end the border crisis and impose new restrictions to enforce the border. The bill would immediately resume border wall construction. It would also provide funding for Border Patrol and invest in better equipment and security.

You might think this bill has no chance of passing in the Senate. And if it did, Joe Biden would never sign it. Yet one lawmaker seems to think Republicans have an ace up their sleeve.

From Breitbart:

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) argued that House Republicans should force through the border bill just passed by the House using either the budget or the debt ceiling increase.

If Biden wants his debt ceiling raised, he’ll need to pass this border bill. It’s a long shot, yes. But the longer we wait, the worst the crisis gets.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tens of thousands of migrants are flooding the border after Biden ended Title 42.
  • Ted Cruz blasted Democrats, saying they are deliberately encouraging illegal immigration.
  • House Republicans passed a bill that will provide sweeping improvements to the border crisis.

Source: Daily Wire, Breitbart, The Post Millennial



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