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After Target Stuns Customers with Woke Campaign – Americans Push Back in Epic Fashion

After Target Stuns Customers with Woke Campaign – Americans Push Back in Epic Fashion

What’s Happening:

Well, Bud Light continues to suffer thanks to a boycott. You and I knew it was going to hurt the woke company but apparently, none of the woke executives did.

Other major American companies failed to learn the lesson and are suffering, such as Ford Motor Company which tried to “redefine tough” as LGBT-friendly.

Now, another big name is upsetting customers with a woke campaign. Around this time of year, Target has long earned its “woke” badge by selling “Pride” clothing to children. But this year, they’ve gone much further, introducing a line of women’s swimwear… to men. From Daily Caller:

Ahead of June’s so-called “Pride month,” the retail giant Target is displaying some options being referred to as trans-friendly for customers, including a line of swimsuits with “tuck-friendly construction.”

You read that right. Target has gone off the deep end, selling women’s swimsuits to men who “identify” as women. These swimsuits are “tuck-friendly” referring to men who tuck away their male body parts to look more female.

Nobody sees the irony in that? Give me a break.

The backlash hit Target very hard. People began grumbling about a Bud Light-style boycott. Instead of openly apologizing to their customer base–which is largely female–the store scrambled to hide this offensive merchandise.

From Daily Wire:

Target made “emergency” calls last week to managers and senior directors at the store after the company faced backlash for its Pride collection… The calls were to direct some stores to make their Pride products display less prominent in order to avoid a “Bud Light situation,” a Target insider told Fox News.

Wow, these people never learn, huh? They think that just hiding this stuff at the back of the store will make it all better? That doesn’t change the fact that Target is selling products that “celebrate” a movement that undermines millions of Americans’ values and convictions.

A movement that has pushed getting into public schools to preach their ideology to children.

Target tried to calm everybody down, saying the drag swimsuits were for adults, not children. Oh, that’s much better! So, they admit that this transgender thing is catering to adults, who can then parade around in front of vulnerable children?

Of course, the transgender movement is going to be upset that Target moved these displays. But who cares? Until Target openly apologizes for trying to force this stuff onto Americans, they deserve a boycott.

Key Takeaways:

  • Woke Target went off the deep end by selling “tuck-friend” women’s swimwear.
  • After backlash grew, the company scrambled to hide the products.
  • This comes as Americans boycott Bud Light over its transgender campaign.

Source: Daily Caller, Daily Wire



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