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After Supreme Court Makes Major Constitutional Ruling – GOP Senate Rushes to Make It Permanent

After Supreme Court Makes Major Constitutional Ruling – GOP Senate Rushes to Make It Permanent

What’s Happening:

One of the silver linings in this Biden era has been the Supreme Court. Thanks to Trump, the court currently enjoys a strong conservative majority. And this majority has been delivering for the American people. I don’t have to tell you about how the court overruled Roe v. Wade. But it has ruled on numerous issues recently, that have struck a blow against the radical left.

Recently, the highest court in the land struck down state laws that violated Americans’ rights. Some states scrambled to overcome the setback, but even those are being challenged in lower courts. The Supreme Court’s decision could ensure millions of Americans can exercise this right. And now, Republicans in the Senate are on their way to codifying it.

From Washington Times:

Senate Republicans introduced legislation Thursday to codify the Supreme Court’s 2022 landmark ruling protecting the Second Amendment right to self-defense, holding that any gun control law must comply with the nation’s history dating back to the founding.

The legislation, backed by all GOP members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, would codify the high court’s ruling in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen.

Woah. This is a big deal, if it goes through. All Republican senators are backing a bill that would codify a recent Supreme Court ruling. The ruling knocked down a strict, New York State gun control law. The ruling deems that all gun control laws must comply with the nation’s history.

That means, radical laws that restrict gun ownership are null and void. Since, until the late 1960s, there were virtually no laws restricting the ownership of firearms. Senate Republicans can secure this ruling, ironing out and details and questions, with a bill.

A bill like this would have no trouble sailing through the House, with a Republican majority. But in the Senate, it will have to get over several hurdles. Even if Republicans manage to get a few moderates like Joe Manchin to back it, there is still the 60-vote requirement for it to pass out of debate.

Something tells me Democrats are suddenly happy they never killed the filibuster, eh!

Even then, it is unlikely that Biden will sign anything that protects Americans’ gun rights. He has gone out of his way to restrict our ability to own or purchase firearms. Why would he do anything to protect them, even if it is consistent with our nation’s history and norms?

Key Takeaways:

  • Senate Republicans introduced a law to codify the Supreme Court’s pro-Second Amendment ruling.
  • The court ruled last year that states must not pass gun control laws that not consistent with our nation’s history.
  • Codifying this ruling can provide further protections and guidance, preserving Americans’ rights.

Source: Washington Times



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