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After RFK Speaks Out in Congress – Democrats Make Sick Move, Show Their True Colors

After RFK Speaks Out in Congress – Democrats Make Sick Move, Show Their True Colors

What’s Happening:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is making Democrats very nervous. He is running for president as a Democrat, challenging Joe’s nomination. Kennedy is a lifelong Democrat, seen as a moderate, who strongly challenges the party’s far-left narrative. The left appears to fear him so much, they have been caught trying to shut down his free speech rights on social media.

Kennedy, among other people, appeared before Congress this week to discuss online censorship. Republicans have been hammering Democrats and social networks for violating the constitutional rights of Americans. Kennedy has firsthand experience with this. But before he could even open his mouth, Democrats tried to censor him in their own hearing.

From The Post Millennial:

During Thursday’s Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government hearing, Democrat representatives attempted to censor 2024 presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr…

“Mr. Kennedy has repeatedly made despicable antisemitic and anti-Asian comments as recently as last week. Rule 11 Clause 2 says whenever it is asserted by a member of the committee that the evidence or testimony at a hearing may tend to defame, degrade, or incriminate any person or it is asserted by a witness that the evidence or testimony that the witness would give at a hearing may tend to defame, degrade, or incriminate the witness.”

What a load of horse crap. Democrats, terrified of RFK’s testimony against themselves, tried to prevent him from speaking before Congress. They slandered him to his face, accusing him of saying anti-Semitic and anti-Asian comments. Democrats tried to use a rule to stop him from doing the very thing he was there to do, speak the truth.

Why on earth are Democrats accusing him of racism? Well, that’s what Democrats do to slander anyone they don’t like, so why are we surprised? But these leftists are twisting comments Kennedy recently made when discussing COVID.

The presidential candidate simply discussed recently that studies found the virus was more harmful to black people, but less so to certain Jews and Chinese people.

Democrats are so stupid, they claim that Kennedy simply stating facts was the same as racism. And they used this slander to try to censor him, while he was testifying about how Democrats censored him online when he discussed COVID.

My God, how idiotic are Democrats? They’ve turned our entire democratic process into a circus. They hate anyone that challenges their narratives and power, even members of their own party.

Meanwhile, Kennedy is rising in the polls, posing a real threat to Biden.

Key Takeaways:

  • Democrats tried to censor RFK during a hearing on censorship.
  • House Democrats accused Kennedy of racism, for stating a study about COVID.
  • Kennedy was the victim of censorship by Democrats on social media for contradicting their COVID narrative.

Source: The Post Millennial



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