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After Parents Fight Back Against Woke Librarian – His Career Takes a Sudden Turn

After Parents Fight Back Against Woke Librarian – His Career Takes a Sudden Turn

What’s Happening:

As we’ve seen again and again, there is nothing off-limits from the left’s agenda. Liberals have infiltrated every corner of American society, to push their woke ideology down our throats. From public schools to video games, there is nothing that hasn’t been tainted by their Marxist views.

That includes public libraries, where children daily visit to read and learn.

In one swing state, a public library director shocked parents. She was stocking the shelves with books for children that were outraging communities. It took parents speaking up and pushing back, calling for this library to be defunded. But now, it looks like this director is facing the music.

From Daily Wire:

The director of a Virginia public library has resigned following demands from outraged parents that the library be defunded over “pornographic” children’s books…

On June 6, hundreds of parents and others packed into a Warren County Board of Supervisors meeting to protest the controversial children’s books…

“This is not literature. This is smut,” one Front Royal dad told the board after reading an excerpt about anal sex from a book titled “This Book Is Gay.”

Woah. A coalition of parents hit back after learning that their public library was stocking sexually-themed books for children. Hundreds of parents even stormed a meeting in June, demanding that library be defunded over these books.

The backlash was fierce. Too fierce for the board of supervisors to ignore. An emergency meeting was held by the Samuels Public Library Board of Trustees and the director Michelle Ross resigned immediately.

One of the demands of the parents was that the library staff and board of directors be replaced. This is one step in that direction. But it is unclear whether the objectionable books will be removed from the libraries.

It appears the books were left-wing propaganda, specifically focusing on normalizing homosexuality among children. Some of the books were explicit in their descriptions of sex acts and included illustrations.

You can imagine why these books were being stocked in the library. The vast majority of parents would never buy books like this for their children. And parents might have caught on if they were being read to children at school.

But the library? Who would have suspected that the local library would expose children to this kind of content? All we can say is, you better check out what your kids are reading, next time you drop them off.

Key Takeaways:

  • A Virginia library director was forced to resign after a major parental protest.
  • The local library was stocking sexually explicit books for children.
  • A group of parents demanded the library be defunded until the books were removed.

Source: Daily Wire



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