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After Giant Bear Goes Berserk on Elderly Woman – Her Brave Husband Leaps into the Fray

After Giant Bear Goes Berserk on Elderly Woman – Her Brave Husband Leaps into the Fray

What’s Happening:

Montana is a beautiful, mountainous region, home to popular national parks. It is also home to many varieties of wildlife. Glacier National Park contains every species of wild animal known to North America. That includes creatures that humans would be wise to avoid.

A couple found out the hard way just how careful you need to be. They were walking their dog on a national forestland on a Sunday morning. That’s when they were greeted by an unexpected guest. A large bear emerged from the trees.

The creature quickly turned on the woman. That’s when her husband sprang into action.

From Daily Caller:
A 73-year-old woman was airlifted to a hospital in Kalispell, Montana, after she and her husband notified authorities Sunday that they had been attacked by a bear.

The couple were walking their dog on national forestland when they were ambushed by the bear, according to a press release from Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP). Her husband successfully used bear spray to repel the animal from attacking his wife, but not after she sustained injuries. The couple returned to their car and drove to a safe location where they could alert authorities.

According to a press release by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, a married couple was attacked by a bear outside Kalispell, Montana. They were walking their dog when the unidentified species of bear appeared.

The wife sustained injuries. But her husband was able to drive the bear away, with the use of bear spray. Bear spray is a must-carry product for those in Montana. Every local store sells it and national parks strongly advise hikers to carry it with them.

Thankfully, the spray did its job and the couple was able to reach safety. They notified authorities of the attack and the wife was airlifted to a hospital.

At this time, the extent of the woman’s injuries is unknown. Authorities are trying to identify the species of bear, using hairs collected from the attack site. Both grizzly and black bears are common to the region. Grizzlies are generally larger and more dangerous than black bears.

But both are to be avoided by those visiting the area.

Key Takeaways:

  • A man managed to save his wife from a bear attack during a walk in Montana.
  • The husband used bear spray to drive the bear away.
  • The woman was airlifted to a hospital, where she received treatment.

Source: Daily Caller



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