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After Dems Blame 1 Disaster on Climate Change – The Truth About the Catastrophe Slips Out

After Dems Blame 1 Disaster on Climate Change – The Truth About the Catastrophe Slips Out

What’s Happening:

A common occurrence in the West of the U.S. is wildfires. The dog days of summer often dry out the trees enough that even a small spark can spread disaster. In 2022, a massive wildfire hit Yosemite National Park. The Oak Fire devastated parts of the state, requiring intense work to get it under control.

Naturally, Democrats claimed this was thanks to “climate change,” despite wildfires being a regular event at certain times of the year. But, in this case, the Oak Fire was not some “random” occurrence. And while liberals were quick to blame climate change, the cause of this massive wildfire was far different. Only now, however, are we learning the truth.

From The Post Millennial:

An elderly California man has been arrested in connection with a massive forest fire that swept through Yosemite National Park in July 2022…

The blaze, known as the Oak Fire, was originally attributed to climate change by many Democrats, including California Sen. Alex Padilla, who used the incident as an opportunity to push his environmental agenda.

Well, what do you know? A wildfire from 2022, which was used by numerous Democrats to push their climate agenda, was set by a man. And not just any man, but a known liberal who donated to many left-wing causes.

Edward Fredrick Wackerman, 71, was arrested and charged with several crimes related to the Oak Fire. According to authorities, he set four separate fires in Mariposa County which led to the massive blaze.

The fire resulted in $8.3 million in property loss and $100 million in response costs.

Every liberal from California senators to Al Gore claimed this fire was the result of climate change. Nope, just some loser who was trying to spread chaos and fear. Are all those liberals going to now take back their words?

I doubt it. When have you ever heard a Democrat admit they were wrong? Or corrupt a false statement they’ve made? Joe Biden has made a career out of lying and spreading falsehoods. He’s never confessed he was wrong once.

So, the media will continue to claim this fire was a natural result of climate change. Even though a criminal was to blame.

Key Takeaways:

  • A 2022 wildfire in Yosemite was caused by a 71-year-old arsonist.
  • The Oak Fire was originally blamed on climate change, by numerous Democrats.
  • Edward Fredrick Wackerman set four fires that led to the outbreak, according to authorities.

Source: The Post Millennial



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