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After California Accuses Reagan of Starting Racist ‘Slur’ – Fact-Checkers Quickly Wreck the Claim

After California Accuses Reagan of Starting Racist ‘Slur’ – Fact-Checkers Quickly Wreck the Claim

What’s Happening:

Knowing your history is important. If you forget the past, you are bound to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Before Ronald Reagan became our 40th president, he was the governor of California. Of course, liberals don’t think fondly on that time, even though he left a legacy of economic prosperity and personal freedom.

But even after Reagan died in 2004, they still do not want to give up the ghost. The California reparations committee recently attributed a term to him that they consider to be “racist coding.”

The problem? He was not responsible for coining the term in the first place. But here’s what the committee claimed about Reagan From The Daily Wire:

“As California Governor (1967-1975), Ronald Reagan coined the term ‘welfare queen’ as racist coding to promote his philosophy preferring a limited government,” the committee wrote. “This terminology conjures stereotypes of single Black women as hypersexualized, aggressive, and dependent on government income with frivolous spending habits. Despite that the majority of welfare recipients are white, this racist label blamed African American women for shortfalls in the United States’ social safety net and suggested they were more responsible for their poverty than others…”

Oh really, reparations committee? We’re not believing you for a second.

If their baseless push for California to apologize for him tells us anything, it’s that they are probably looking for a scapegoat. How easily the group forgets that Reagan began his political career as a Democrat. 

Also, he was born when Harriet Tubman was still alive. That may have been an influencing factor in the fact that he was actually outspoken against racism. 

Even according to far-left magazine Slate, George Bliss of the Chicago Tribune was the person who coined the term. He called Linda Taylor a “welfare queen” for collecting $150,000 in welfare.

Reagan was the governor of California from 1967 to 1975. Does the committee really expect people to believe he coined it during his last year as governor, right before he first sought the presidency? Come on, now. 

Reagan later became Republican and supported limited government. Part of enforcing that means reducing the amount of people who are on welfare so that the economy can prosper. 

However, limited government has nothing to do with racism, much less insulting welfare recipients in general. Could it be that the committee is having trouble supporting their proposal with evidence? 

Falsely accusing Reagan of coining the term “welfare queen” is a low blow. In the past, black people experienced a lot of racism on a daily basis. But Reagan was not part of it—he was too busy preserving the principles and values of the United States.

Key Takeaways

  • California’s reparations committee wants a formal apology from the state as part of their proposal. 
  • They falsely accused former California governor Ronald Reagan of coining the term “welfare queens.” 
  • Slate magazine reported in 2013 that he did not do so, and it was actually the Chicago Tribune that was responsible for coining it. 

Source: The Daily Wire



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