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After Antifa Torches Red State City – Their Attorney General Drops the Gavel: “We’re Not New York or California,” This Is Atlanta

After Antifa Torches Red State City – Their Attorney General Drops the Gavel: “We’re Not New York or California,” This Is Atlanta

What’s Happening:

Thanks to the enabling of Democrats, radical left-wing activist group Antifa is allowed to run free across the country. In many blue states and cities, these America-hating thugs wreak havoc on communities, businesses, schools, and more.

But they certainly overstepped their bounds when they descended on this red state. Perhaps these punks thought they’d get a slap on the wrist by more stupid liberal prosecutors. The problem? This state’s Attorney General is no liberal. And Chris Carr just put this radical group on notice.

From The Post Millennial:

“I am confident that the facts will show that these individuals have engaged in domestic terrorism. It provides for a serious punishment and for a longer term if convicted,” [Georgia AG] Carr said…

Members of the so-called Treehouse Antifa took to the streets Saturday to scuffle with police, set a police car ablaze, and throw rocks and fireworks at the Atlanta Police Foundation…

“This isn’t Oregon, we’re not Washington, we’re not New York or California. If you come here, if you commit violent acts against our citizens, against law enforcement officers, we’re going to hold you accountable and I am proud that our office is taking the lead,” Carr said.

Oh boy! A group calling themselves “Treehouse Antifa” took to the streets in Atlanta, GA to stage one of their “protests.” According to reports, the demonstration quickly got violent. The activists fought with police, set a cop car on fire, and threw rocks and fireworks at the Atlanta Police Foundation.

Lol, good job, morons. Maybe these idiots thought they’d be safe because Atlanta has a Democratic presence. But this is Brian Kemp’s Georgia, folks. Not Stacy Abram’s. And the attorney general made no qualms about calling this Antifa scum by what they really are: domestic terrorists.

He vowed to investigate their violent riot and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. His office is taking the lead in this investigation. These Antifa bums should be very scared.

All across America, these unwashed losers have tried to overthrow our law and order. They have set up shanty towns calling them “autonomous zones,” thinking they can simply ignore the law. Antifa members have violently attacked police, civilians, and anyone that gets in their way.

But they’ve been allowed to spread like vermin across America, because Democrats use them like pawns. Democrats are responsible for the danger Antifa poses, because they refuse to properly prosecute Antifa rioters in blue states.

Not this time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Georgia’s AG promised to prosecute Antifa riots as “domestic terrorists” after a riot in Atlanta.
  • Antifa members attacked police, burned a police car, and threw rocks and fireworks at a police foundation.
  • Antifa activists are allowed to spread chaos and fear in blue cities, as Democrats refuse to prosecute them.

Source: The Post Millennial



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