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After 80-Year-Old Biden Launches for 2024 – His Past Attacking “Old: Candidates Spills Out

After 80-Year-Old Biden Launches for 2024 – His Past Attacking “Old: Candidates Spills Out

What’s Happening:

After mysteriously delaying the news for months, Joe Biden officially announced his 2024 campaign. Biden has suffered from the worst approval ratings of any president in 70 years. Half of the people who voted for him don’t want him running again. And he’s responsible for historically-bad inflation and other major crises.

But there is more. Joe Biden will be the oldest person to ever run for the White House. Already, he’s shown ample signs that he’s not fit for office. He continues to slide down the ramp of mental decline. Many people believe he is suffering from cognitive failure. And it’s not just Republicans. Even Biden’s own words are coming back to haunt him.

From CNN:

Joe Biden… once ran a campaign that sharply attacked his opponent’s age.

In 1972, Biden, then 29 years old and a local Delaware councilman, was running against incumbent Republican Sen. Cale Boggs who was 63 years old…

“Cale doesn’t want to run, he’s lost that old twinkle in his eye he used to have,” Biden said of Boggs, who had originally wanted to retire but was persuaded to run for reelection.

Wow. Talk about a hypocrite! Joe Biden attacked his opponent’s age in 1972. He blasted Republican Cale Boggs, when he ran for re-election. Biden at the time claimed Boggs, “lost that old twinkle in his eye.”

That man was only 63 years old! Joe is nearly 20 years older than that–and he wants to be re-elected to the toughest job on the planet. The man can’t even finish a sentence yet he thinks he is entitled to a second term!

We all know Joe Biden’s first term has been a disaster. After only two years, he’s managed to wreck the economy, shut down our energy industry, sow the seeds of global war, and opened the border to millions of illegal aliens. Imagine what damage he’ll do by 2024? How much more if he gets a second term?

It’s clear why the Democrat establishment wants him to run again. He’s a good puppet who just rubber-stamps whatever idiotic plan they come up with. He’s not a leader with a clear agenda. Just an aging, crooked politician doing the bidding of the radical left and the DNC.

He can only do harm from here on out. A second term would be the nail in America’s coffin. His age, his failing health, and his corruption totally disqualify him.

But I guess it will be up to American voters…

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden announced his bid for a second term.
  • In 1972, he criticized a 63-year-old Republican running for Senate.
  • Joe Biden is 80 years old, the oldest man to run for president.

Source: CNN



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